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The Story of Ramakien   (published in Thailand)

January 20, 2011 by   Comments(19)

This is the Thai version of the Indian Ramayana, an allegory of the triumph of good versus evil.  Our hero, Rama is a paragon of virtue – the ideal king.  The villain, or demon king Tosakan.  This epic tale is thought to established after the Thais occupied Angkor in the 15th century.  It has been an inspiration for painting and classical drama.

The main characters of Ramakien:

Rama – Depicted as deep green face, is an incarnation of the god Visbnu Rama’s purpose is to defeat the demon race whose power threatens the gods.

Sita – The daughter of Tosakan’s consort and incarnation of the goddess Laksbmi, remains loyal to Rama while held captive by the evil Tosakan.

Lakshman – Rama’s loyal younger brother, is often shown in gold.  He accompanies Rama into exile in the forest.

Hanuman – The white monkey, son of the wind god, is totally devoted to Rama, but still finds time to seduce beautiful women.

Tosakan – The demon king of Longka and have “ten necks, heads and arms”.  In the Indian version of the Ramayana he is called Ravanna.

The story of Ramakien:

Rama, the heir to the throne of Ayodhya, was sent into exile for 14 years by his stepmother.  His wife, Sita and brother Lakshman went with him into the deep forest.  Tosakan, the demon king of Longka (Sri Lanka), abducted Sita and carries her off to his island kingdom hoping to marry her.  The brothers pursued him.  Hanuman, the white monkey god, volunteers his service, together they won the alliance of two monkey kings, Sukrip and Chompupan, each with a powerful army.  They march south to the coast opposite Longka.  The monkey armies build a road of stone through the sea and lay siege to Longka.  Many victorious battles are waged against Tosakan’s demon armies.  Finally, Rama defeated Tosakan and killed him.  Rama then crowns his ally, Piphek (Tosakan’s banished brother) as King of Longka and returns with Sita to resume his rign in Ayodha.

The Ramakien murals at Wat Phra Kaeo or “The Emerald Buddha” is beautifully depicted through a series of 178 colorful murals, dating from the late 18th century.

Young artist touching up the old picture.

These men in costumes performed in the Ramakien story at

The National Theatre of Thailand in Bangkok.

My father is the man in the far right and he worked at the Thai Department of Fine Arts.

Chananan Sutsadang

Social Manager/Editor

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The Story of Ramakien
The Story of Ramakien

hare krishna. May lord Rama bless you for this work. Thailand people are very very fortunate.

Anonymous 2294 days ago

Ramayana was not an Indian Epic, this epic was for the whole world. Ideals of Rama are for the whole mankind. Life of Rama was inspiration to people throughout the world.

Anonymous 2191 days ago

A few years ago I had the distinct privledge of seeing a Royal Command Performance of the great Ramakien at the National Theater in Bangkok. The dance, the costumes, and the sets were all exquisite. It was a wonderful night of theatre that I shall remember fondly all my life.

I would like to thank Chananan Sutsadang for writing this short encapsulation of the story and providing the photographs of the beautiful murals at Wat Phra Kaeo in Bangkok.

At my wife's father's funeral in Ayutthaya a couple of years later, he had made arrangements before he died to have scenes from the Ramakien performed for the folks that came to his local Wat for his funeral. This performance was done by a local acting and dance troup of some very talented teenages and was very welll performed.

Dave Hanthorn

Anonymous 2121 days ago


Anonymous 1970 days ago

It was nice to have it translated to english.

Anonymous 1970 days ago

Thank you for explaining this great epic story. I am going to Thailand this September and the art I see will have more meaning with this understanding of the story.

Anonymous 1842 days ago

Thank you for explaing this story. My point of interest was Tosakan, but I got to learn the whole story.

Anonymous 1494 days ago

Thank You for the story but Tosakan has 20 arms~

Anonymous 1489 days ago

panget niyo

Anonymous 1350 days ago

Thank you very much for this great explenation, really interesting and a great start to learn more on this subject! Great to help to learn more on Thai culture!

Anonymous 1342 days ago

its beautiful story.

Anonymous 971 days ago

Thanks for your help in understanding more about this play.

Anonymous 953 days ago

I love this story so much! Thank you for the illustration

Anonymous 895 days ago

this story is a ripoff of the indian one.

Anonymous 822 days ago

w w w . p o r n h u b . c o m


Anonymous 822 days ago


Anonymous 800 days ago

Why is it that this is the exact text from a book about travelling in thailand? about an inch and a half thick... this is the exact same text from the page about Ramakien.

Anonymous 529 days ago

can you translate this to filipino language? we need it for our gallery walk

Anonymous 401 days ago

i am a filipino and i have being commanded by my instructor to reseaech this story, but my Q. is, is this the perfect version? i need it please do help me for my world literature report.

Anonymous 183 days ago