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Week 1 on the nutrition project, Cape Town   (published in South Africa)

April 26, 2017 by   Comments(0)

Soooooo this is the first time I have ever written an online blog so excuse me if it is terrible, it also does not help that I am using a Norwegian keyboard (thanks to Emilie for allowing me to use said keyboard).

A bit of intro...Myself and the BF started travelling in November with the aim of finishing our trip in Cape Town mid-April. My dearly beloved went home as planned and I decided to stay out for a further 6 weeks in order to volunteer and travel some more. I signed up for the nutrition project in Cape Town last minute while still in New Zealand and after a 2 week holiday with his family in Somerset West and Strand followed by 6 days of "relaxing" in Cape Town Centre, I moved to Muizenberg on Sunday (23rd April). 

Moving in day...My host family are fantastic. Ayesha (our host Mum) is so easy-going and welcoming. I feel a little spoilt as she does everything, cooking, clearing away, makes our beds etc. We went to the gym straight away with her daughter Shamiem on Sunday who is good fun. Emilie (my Norwegian roommate and fellow volunteer on the nutrition project) and I have made a pact to go to the gym every day to get our moneys-worth. This is now proving to be challenging as we actually finish at 5pm, not 3pm as previously advised. Sunday evening we had a nice dinner of rice and beef (all mixed together) and vegetables. A plate of chicken then arrived so we had a second dinner :D. The conversation was flowing over dinner, only with the slight interruption of a powercut because Ayesha forgot to put more money on the meter.

Induction day...Monday was induction day and possibly the slowest day ever. I was collected and escorted to the train station by Meschak (project co-ordinator). We purchased a ticket and waited for like an hour, train decided not to come ...

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Week 1 on the nutrition project, Cape Town
Week 1 on the nutrition project, Cape Town

Eerste dagen   (published in Peru)

April 22, 2017 by   Comments(2)

Maandag 17/04/2017

Thuis vertrokken, afscheid genomen en op vliegtuig naar Madrid gestapt. Aangekomen in Madrid en iets gegeten.

Dinsdag 18/04/2017

Iets na middernacht Belgische tijd een vlucht naar Lima genomen, er is een tijdsverschil van 7u (jullie moeten terugtellen). Avondmaal op het vliegtuig om 1-2u middernacht Belgische tijd, ontbijt om 3u ´s nachts lokale tijd. In Lima even naar Thierry gebeld :)Verder naar Puerto Maldonado, daar opgehaald door Elvira (medewerker van het Project). Werkhandschoenen gekocht en gezocht om een simkaart te kopen, tevergeefs. Bij haar thuis iets gegeten en met de boot naar Taricaya gevaren. Mooie uitzichten op de jungle vanop de rivier Madre de Dios. Aangekomen in Taricaya, rondleiding gekregen en na een reis van ongeveer 30u een douche genomen (er is geen warm water in Taricaya). We slapen in bungalows.

Rustig gegeten, Lola kookt hier elke maaltijd voor ons. Andere vrijwilligers en de staf beter leren kennen. De meeste vrijwilligers spreken hier Engels, de staf Spaans (en een beetje Engels).Er zijn hier beren, apen, tamarindes, een kalkoen, Theo de tapir, een puma, toekans, ara´s, papegaaien,… De meeste dieren leven wel in een kooi of omheind stuk grond. De brulapen hoor je ´s morgens vanaf het moment dat het licht wordt :)

Woensdag 19/04/2017

Eerste werkdag. Animal feeding (fruit en groenten snijden en aan de dieren geven) in de voormiddag en een wandeling door de jungle om cameravallen op te hangen in de namiddag. Tussendoor wat rondgewandeld om mijn weg beter te leren kennen.

Donderdag 20/04/2017

Dinsdagen en donderdagen starten we vroeger. Vandaag begonnen om 05u30 (vogels spotten vanop een platform hoog in de bomen), ontbijt om 07u30 en daarna nog een voormiddag- en namiddagactiviteit. ´s ...

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Eerste dagen
Eerste dagen

Hello !   (published in Nepal)

April 17, 2017 by   Comments(0)

Hello <3

I will be in Nepal between July 23, 2017 and August 07, 2017. I am a volunteer from Poland in Medical programme. I am looking for a contact with other participants in such a programme. Maybe somebody from Poland is here ?

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Hello !
Hello !

Mexico Mission Trip Overall   (published in Bolivia)

April 15, 2017 by   Comments(0)


Saturday moring after a week of building houses is bittersweet.

The week in Mexico is different than a week in Los Alamos, NM. For some (definitely myself) you are out of your comfort zone during this week. 

  • Alarm clocks - no need for them in Mexico b/c at 6:15am guitars and singing are your alarm clock
  • Showers - solar shower or baby wipes
  • Food - AMAZING. I swear I put on weight during this week because of the food
  • SAND EVERYWHERE - no matter how much you try and get the sand out of your things you will manage to find more when you get home

This year we were able to build 3 houses for 3 wonderful families. :) Quite a tough week but totally worth it. See you again in 2018, Mexico!

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Mexico Mission Trip Overall
Mexico Mission Trip Overall

Mexico Mission Trip - Day 5   (published in Bolivia)

April 15, 2017 by   Comments(0)


On Friday, we were the dirt – Stucco Day and handing off the keys!

Making the stucco is much like how me made the concrete, only we use different materials. With stucco, we are mixing sand and lye together. The end product should have the consistency of frosting. After we applied one coat we had to wait 2-3 hours until we continued. While we waited for the first coat to dry we talked to the families to see what they were going to use the house for, etc. The house was going to be a kitchen in one room and the son’s room in the other. After applying the second coat and smoothing it out it was time to hand off the keys and say goodbye. This is will tug at your heart, the family is so grateful and there are always tears going left and right. After we hand off the keys, we pack everything off and head back to camp for one last night.

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Mexico Mission Trip - Day 5
Mexico Mission Trip - Day 5

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