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Finding my past and future self   (published in Philippines)

October 8, 2017 by   Comments(0)


Two years ago, I studied abroad for the first time in San Jose, Costa Rica. I was immerse in the ‘Pura Vida’ culture by my Mama Tica’s cooking (thanks to home stay arrangements), learning Spanish, and connecting with Mother Nature. This experience allowed me to find peace amidst the noise in my head and see those who I met during this trip as family.
With this being the first time traveling on my own, I knew I caught the travel bug.

Last year, I studied abroad again in Prague, Czech Republic. I gotten to explore the city life by relying on the public transportation and living in a flat with three others (one was Czech). Excursions to other European cities were easily accessible, although exchanging currency could be a hassle.

Even though I enjoyed my time abroad, I felt kind of guilty. I easily adapted to the Costa Rican and Czech culture for the month when I was there, but I didn’t feel as connected to my own culture as I wanted to be. Regardless that my Filipino parents can be very traditional, I was considered Americanized. I was born and raised in Nebraska, USA. I can’t even fully speak or understand Tagalog or Pangasinan (my mom’s dialect). I visited to the Philippines twice, but I was too young (age 11 and 13) to really experience it.

Now that I am more mature, have experiences traveling by myself, and have a general background knowledge of the Filipino culture and Philippines; I am taking this opportunity to exploring my Filipino roots. Although I wouldn’t be staying at my family’s place in Cavite or Pangasian, I found an opportunity to intern at Bogo City, Cebu where I will be working at a public health center. This allows me to expand my knowledge and experiences in my potential career field.

Most importantly, this public health program allows me to take part in a variety of aspects in public health including: village health screenings & family health mapping, house-to-house interventions, utilization of the local foods to create healthy recipes, and health awareness campaigns. Afterwards when I apply for public health master programs, I will have a clearer idea on the areas of public health I might pursue.

Overall, I am excited to travel back to the Philippines to learn more about the Filipino culture and public health field.

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Finding my past and future self
Finding my past and future self