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Before Leaving/Voor vertrek   (published in Thailand)

January 23, 2018 by   Comments(5)

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In about a week I will be in Krabi, Thailand. The idea is scary, but mostly exciting. I have never been outside of Europe; I am, however, certain this whole trip is going to be amazing and that I will absolutely love it!

For these blogs I am going to follow a little challenge while I am in Thailand. These are the rules:
- Try to update every day
- Try to be original every day
- Try to keep it to a maximum of five to seven lines (for readability)
- First English, then Dutch

Wish me luck!



Met een week ben ik in Krabi, Thailand te vinden. Het idee is beangstigend, maar vooral opwindend. Ik ben nog nooit buiten Europa geweest, niettemin ben ik er zeker van dat de hele reis geweldig gaat zijn en dat ik heel erg veel plezier ga hebben!

Voor de blogs vanuit Thailand ga ik mezelf een kleine uitdaging opleggen. De regels zijn als volgend:
- Proberen elke dag een update te doen
- Proberen elke dag origineel te zijn
- Proberen de blog niet langer dan vijf tot zeven regels te laten zijn (voor leesbaarheid)
- Eerst Engels, dan Nederlands

Wens me veel plezier!


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Before Leaving/Voor vertrek
Before Leaving/Voor vertrek

Why Ghana?   (published in Ghana)

November 22, 2013 by   Comments(0)

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It feels like the question "Why Ghana?" came up for a thousand times now, but don't worry, I don't feel like being on  edge about that =)

So now for everyone who's interested in that question,perk up your ears:

For me Africa isn't only Africa. For me it's meeting people completly different from the people here in Germany or somewhere else. They have another kind of living and another kind of love to people and things.

They are satisfied with the things they have, well we could now discuss this statement and you could say that they are like that, because they don't know it better, that's right, but I really have great respect for their way of life. How happy they are with few things they have.

Ok, now, why Ghana?That's because I had a look on the programm of Projects abroad and they offered Ghana and that's why I choose it.

Maybe now you aks yourself what I expect from my internship in Ghana. I think that I can't answer this now completly, but I think that it will be a challenge. Physiotherapy in Ghana of course isn't the same like physiotherapy here in Germany, but there I will undergo with how simple things and simple handles you can succeed with a stunning therapy.

So, now I hope that I could answer your question about why I choose Ghana =)

Hope you guys keep on reading my blogs =)

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Why Ghana?
Why Ghana?