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First Week in Bolivia on Journalism Project   (published in Bolivia)

March 13, 2017 by   Comments(0)

     My first week in Cochabamba, Bolivia has been very enlightening.  I am staying with a wonderful host family in the central district and have tried to settle into my new environment.  Internet tends to be slow in Cochabamba so finding an internet cafe can be a good move for those that need to get online.  I am adjusting to not being able to stream National Public Radio at my house though I do nott want to blame it all on the Wifi when my old laptop may be to blame.

     I have been working on a journalism project.  Projects Abroud publishes a local magazine called the Cocha-Banner.  The magazine explores local topics of interest and is published in English.  For the magazinw I am drawing on some of my previous experience designing curriclulm for high school by doing an investigation of options for water distribution for newer communities in the expanding city of Cochabamba.  I have also been assigned an article about a local artist, Osvaldo Sanchez Terrazas, who recently died and his legacy.  Both topics are interesting, important, and deserve a quality journalistic effort.

     I had the opportunity to visit the Cristo de la Concordia over the weekend.  It is an enormous

statue very similar to the one in Rio De Janeiro.  I was informed by my host mother that it is actually slightly larger that the statue in Rio when you include the base.  The site also provides an incredible view of the city of Cochabamba.   Also went to to Plaza de 14 de Septiembre and saw the Cathedral as well as the marketplace.  All told, a very interesting weekend.

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First Week in Bolivia on Journalism Project
First Week in Bolivia on Journalism Project