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Food in Uganda   (published in Uganda)

September 8, 2014 by   Comments(0)

Ugandans keep it simple in the kitchen. It’s all about nutrition and feeling full and satisfied. Therefore, the meals tend to revolve around rice, potatoes, beans and peas; and meat.

My first ever lunch in Uganda consisted of rice, sweet potatoes and a simple beef stew with tomato. The flavours here are simple too, only salt is used. Lunch and dinner are the main meals of the day and Ugandans tend to eat at home, or stop for at least an hour to enjoy a hot plate of food while sitting at a restaurant or at work. There are no modern fast-food joints in Uganda; however fast-food does exist in its own unique Ugandan way…

On one of my explorations in the evening through the bustling streets of Jinja, as people were finishing work, I came across a plethora of Ugandan fast-food stalls along the streets. Chapatti vendors start firing up their skillets as workers pass by looking for an early evening snack. Chapatti is a kind of pancake made from wheat flour and fried in lashings of oil; it is cheap and tasty and perfect for a quick bite on the go. Chapatti can also be fried with an egg, which is called Rolex. Deep-fried golden cassava chips are also widely available. But what got me out of the house that balmy evening was the delicious smell of roasting meat that was wafting into the courtyard from the main street near our house. I followed my nose onto the glistening wet streets and found a hub of activity as locals enjoyed their after-work beers. Outside most bars, I could find an array of fast food stalls – this is what fast food should be – There is no McDonalds or KFC, but rather a uniquely Ugandan variety of fried chicken and fries.

Ugandans also eat locally – there are no imported fruits and vegetables from other countries and we mostly ...

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Food in Uganda
Food in Uganda

Uganda: First Impressions   (published in Uganda)

September 3, 2014 by   Comments(1)

Uganda. The pearl of Africa, lush landscapes, bright colours and friendly people. Where to begin describing this beautiful country? My first impressions of this country began on the 3 hour drive from Entebbe airport to the town of Jinja; where the Projects Abroad offices are based.  Jinja is only 86 kms from the airport, but the journey takes more than 3 hours - traffic is hectic to say the least. I left Entebbe at 9am on a Sunday morning and to my surprise the streets were heaving. Women walking with huge bowls full of the yellowest bananas I have ever seen on their heads; men selling newspapers and sweets to the drivers stuck in the crawling snake of traffic. A cacophony of toots and honks and minibus taxis taking chances edging their way forward, motorcycle taxis – called Boda Boda – wind their way dangerously between cars at breakneck speeds. Sunday morning in Uganda!

The journey from the airport to Jinja was my first taste of what the country looks like. I had a slight idea of the landscape but I was met with far more interesting vistas than I had ever imagined. Red earth and green, lush, tropical vegetation. The streets are lined with stalls and shops and advertising here is big -  colourful murals painted onto shop fronts – from the bright MTN yellow, to the ubiquitous Coca-Cola red. Colours and sound abound as we made our way slowly into Uganda's capital Kampala; loud, vibrant local music is pumping from every third stall along the street, the smell of hot oil as women deep fry cassava into golden salty chips, huge bushals of bright green matoke (a starchy green banana) loaded precariously onto bicycles. 

We stop dead in the bumper to bumper traffic, next to me on the side walk children start yelling 'Muzungu, Muzungu!' The name ...

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Uganda: First Impressions
Uganda: First Impressions

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