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November 14, 2014 by   Comments(0)

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By: Daniele Zanette

Sono atterrato a krabi di mercoledi’, la prima settimana di ottobre, provato dal lungo viaggio ma decisamente eccitato all’idea di essere in un paese a me totalmente sconosciuto e  per la prima volta cosi’ lontano da casa.  E’ quella sensazione che si trova a meta’ tra euforia, stupore, piacere della scoperta e timore di cio’ che non si conosce.

Sono venuto qui come volontario per partecipare ad un progetto di conservazione ambientale che comprende attivita’ di riforestazione delle mangrovie, pulizia delle spiagge e soprattutto immersioni con lo scopo di raccogliere dati riguardanti studi di popolazione di alcune specie marine della barriera corallina nonchè la raccolta di rifiuti in quest’ultima.

Al mio arrivo ho trovato ad accogliermi un membro dello staff e subito siamo partiti verso Ao Nam mao, dove alloggio da tre settimane. Lungo la strada verso il resort ricordo che la tentazione di dormire era forte ma non riuscivo a staccare gli occhi dal paesaggio che mi circondava : torreggianti formazioni carsiche spiccavano qua e la’ e la vegetazione ricopriva gran parte di cio’ che vedevo.

Probabilmente é stato proprio tutto quel verde a rendere cosi’ positivo il primo impatto con questa terra ! Mi ha stupito molto vedere che la vegetazione qui cresce indisturbata tra le città e persino tra una casa e l’altra. Sembra che, a differenza di dove vivo io, sia ancora la natura a fare da padrona e che l’uomo abbia il ruolo di ospite sulla terra che calpesta. Credo sia meraviglioso, una grande fortuna e allo stesso tempo una grande opportunitàper la gente che vi abita e per i turisti che vanno e vengono.

Ahimé non é ...

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My Trip Blog Round Up: August 2014   (published in Blog Round Up)

September 3, 2014 by   Comments(0)

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Photos of the month

Hannah Saunders-Pedersen, a volunteer who did a month-long care Care Project in Vietnam, won the Instagram competition with this gorgeous image of two Vietnamese orphans holding hands

This photo was taken at the Conservation Project in Botswana. 

Celebrations and Holidays 

On August 24th, Costa Rica celebrated National Park Day, which recognises the importance of national parks in the country. Currently, over 25% of Costa Rica's territory is part of the protected area managed by SINAC (Sistema Nacional de Áreas de Conservación) which includes 28 national parks, three of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sights. 

This month Bolivia celebrated their Independence Day with civic parades all over the country. Anyone who makes a special contribution to society was there, including volunteers. Projects Abroad volunteers got the chance to lead the children they work with on horses in a parade. 

“All these people, even if they work at Projects Abroad or they are clients of these offered services, even if they are host families or volunteers, they are all linked at some point and they remain connected forever through the unseen thread of friendship.” – A host mom in Romania writes about the amazing friendships that have been formed with volunteers from around her world for World Friendship Day. 

Great Volunteers

“I think that the most important part of Projects Abroad is that I feel less like a tourist and more like a part of Chengdu.” – A 2 week special volunteer got immersed in the culture of Chengdu while being a part of the Law and Business Project.  

Volunteer Hannah Wood goes through all aspects of life in Mongolia living with a nomadic family; from ...

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My Trip Blog Round Up: August 2014
My Trip Blog Round Up: August 2014

My Trip Blog Round Up - July 2014   (published in Blog Round Up)

August 8, 2014 by   Comments(0)

Photos of the month

A collection of incredible images that have been sent through so far for the #CaptureProjectsAbroad Instagram competition.

2 Week Specials

“I decided to volunteer because I feel happy knowing that I can do something useful for other people, and I really love spending time with kids,” – A volunteer in Tanzania spent two weeks volunteering at a care placement. 

The 2 Week Special volunteers in Fiji were in Yako Village where they taught children about numbers and letters, played sports with them, and painted the community hall for the community.

Celebrations and Holidays


Eid is an important event in the Islamic faith, and with 40% of Tanzanians being Muslim, this is an important day in Tanzania. Ustaadh Ali Abdalah from Masjid of Rahman in Sinza Dar es Salaam explains how Eid is celebrated in Tanzania.

The 25th of July marked the celebration of the 190th anniversary of the annexation of the province of Guanacaste to Costa Rica. Barra Honda National Park where our Conservation Project takes place is located in Guanacaste, and conservation volunteers were invited to a local primary school where they enjoyed the festivities alongside school children.

Great Volunteers

A medical volunteer in Tanzania goes through what a typical day is like at his placement hospital, the difficulties of living in Africa, and how he introduced his host family to home-baked bread.

“When we entered the play room we were greeted excitedly by beautiful children, dragging any new hand they could find and asking us to dance, play, laugh anything to give themselves the attention they deserve.” – A volunteer in Ethiopia about her first day at her placement.  


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My Trip Blog Round Up - July 2014
My Trip Blog Round Up - July 2014

My Trip Blog Round Up - June 2014   (published in Blog Round Up)

July 8, 2014 by   Comments(0)

Photos of the month

This photo won the June photo competition in Thailand.

Volunteers in Kenya were fortunate enough to see the birth of a giraffe!

Celebrations and Holidays

Tanzania is home to many faiths, one of which is Islam. Ustaadh Ali Abdalah who is a leader and teacher at a mosque in Tanzania was interviewed about an event in Islamic faith known as Ramadhan.

A volunteer in Tanzania was able to experience two weddings with her host family, which was very different to weddings that she has attended back home.

International Children’s Day is one of the most important events that happens in Cambodia. The Khemara Organization in corporation with Projects Abroad arranged a trip, taking 90 kids to Tamao Mountain.

International Children’s Day in Cambodia and the 13th Anniversary of the World Day Against Child Labour (12th June) were celebrated under the themes: Together Eliminating Violence against Children, Extend Social Protection, and Combat Child Labour. There were 2350 participants including staff, children, care givers and members of government.

For World Environment Day in Thailand, conservation volunteers went to the Provincial Administrative Office to teach children about cleaning marine debris, and the harm that humans cause the environment.

Great Volunteers

A volunteer working at a home for disabled girls and women in Sri Lanka goes through her experience working with the ladies and how they loved making beautiful artworks.

Volunteering in a new country means living in a different culture, and with that one can experience some culture shock. A volunteer in Chengdu, China experienced some cultural differences during a business meeting.

Initially, Caroline Tieck planned on ...

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My Trip Blog Round Up - June 2014
My Trip Blog Round Up - June 2014

My Trip Blog Round Up - May 2014   (published in Blog Round Up)

June 6, 2014 by   Comments(0)

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Great Volunteers

A volunteer in Vietnam goes through her week at her placement, Bo De, an orphanage where she spends time with the children there. Not only does she assist in teaching, she has also become the resident hair stylist to the delight of the children.

A medical volunteer in Moldova goes through what he has experienced at his placement during his first few days; including helping to treat a motorcycle accident victim who was severely injured.

“One last thing, and arguably one of the most important, that made my time in Guadalajara so special, were the people.” – After three years, a former volunteer reflects on her time in Mexico, including riding on the back of a quad bike at midnight along the beach searching for turtle prints or new nests, the amazing food, and teaching English to an inspirational 87-year-old woman.

“This experience has been unforgettable and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I feel very privileged that I was able to make a small difference in the lives of all the children I met as well as share my knowledge and skills with the physiotherapists I worked alongside.” – A physiotherapy volunteer shares her experience working at Brothers of Good Works Counselling and Social Services Centre in Ethiopia.

Photos of the Month

An Australian teaching volunteer won the April Photo Competition in Fiji with this stunning aerial view of the island.

The children of SOSEE orphanage, a care placement in Ethiopia, held out the names of all the volunteers that have been there to say thank you for making an impact in their lives.

Beautiful children from Togo!

“But even under the given situation, never have I seen a kid happier over ...

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My Trip Blog Round Up - May 2014
My Trip Blog Round Up - May 2014