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What did I get myself into..!? - Waar ben ik aan begonnen..!?   (published in Nepal)

October 16, 2017 by   Comments(0)


Just to make sure: the title does not mean I am not doubting my trip to Nepal! Not at all actually. But, as you may already have seen in the pictures below - I started another research participation. Which includes wearing a nasal tube which goes into my small intestines for 5 days. This morning, at 7.30 , I had to meet up in the hospital. The tube was inserted into my nose and down my throat to my stomach. This did not hurt at all, it was just a little bit uncomfortable. Then, I moved to radiology where first the location of the tube was checked, which then was further moved into my intestines. I could go home and eat breakfast at 11.00. From then on, I have pushed the tube 5-10 cm further inside each hour. There is now 150 cm of tube inside my body, and this still has to increase to 170 today. 

So, back to what I have gotten myself into. It does and did not hurt. However, my nose keeps on running because it feels something is inside which does not belong there.. Second, I tried to wash my hair in the shower and I have never struggeled so much as this afternoon in doing this  Third, it feels like I have a fishbone in my throat which won't go away, and it won't because it isn't a fishbone but the tube.. And then I haven't even tried sleeping yet! But, let's stay positive: both my nose and throat will probably get used to something being there which does not belong there, and I will probably also get used to a tube being taped to my face while I shower and sleep. 

The next four days, I will go the the hospital each morning for 5 hours to participate in the research. Another positive thing: I will get free breakfast and lunch every day!  

Even voor de zekerheid: de titel betekent niet dat ik mijn reis naar Nepal betwijfel! Helemaal niet ...

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What did I get myself into..!? - Waar ben ik aan begonnen..!?
What did I get myself into..!? - Waar ben ik aan begonnen..!?

Bone marrow aspiration with a view; Beenmergpunctie met uitzicht   (published in Nepal)

October 12, 2017 by   Comments(1)


Many people are asking me how it is going with the preparations for Nepal. And actually, it is going really well! I have participated in 10 research studies until now to earn money for my trip. I must say it is really interesting to participate in all these studies. For example, in one of them I had to wear big virtual reality glasses and headphones. For a few minutes I witnessed a plane crash (which did look very real by the way), and afterwards I had to fill in questionnaires about details I remembered having seen. A week later I came back and filled in the same questionnaires. I also did an fMRI experiment. For 1,5 hour I was in an MRI scanner doing a decision making game. Trial after trial I had to choose between option A or B while my brain activity was recorded. This was very early in the morning, so the first hour I was almost falling asleep in there. But after one hour I suddenly had a desperate need for the toilet, so that kept me awake for the last 30 minutes..! 

As I wrote in my last post: with most of the studies I don't earn that much. However, today I participated in a medical study again and thereby earned a lot. But.. it was no pleasure. For this study, the researchers are collecting stem cells from bone marrow to develop a treatment for paraplegia. So, I went to the hospital for a bone marrow aspiration this morning. I had to lay down on one side, and luckily I had a beatuiful view of Maastricht! First, the back of my hip was anestesized - this injection was really painful . Then, after a few minutes a hollow needle was inserted and pushed into my bone. This did not hurt at all, I just felt pushing on my bone. When the needle was in place, the suction of bone marrow fluid started. This was a weird and painful feeling all through my leg and ...

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Bone marrow aspiration with a view; Beenmergpunctie met uitzicht
Bone marrow aspiration with a view; Beenmergpunctie met uitzicht

19 days to departure   (published in Nepal)

October 1, 2017 by   Comments(0)

This trip is coming around really quickly now. Last preparations in place - clothes almost sorted. Need to buy some laundry sheets as wont last full two weeks on my luggage allowance. 

Fractured shoulder a bit of an issue but improving each day so hopefully won’t hold me back too much. Four others going besides me so hopefully a good group. 

Details are now through for the hotel and the project - we are painting and helping out at an orphanage. I will have WiFi at the hotel so should be easier to blog regularly. Am now trying to learn a few words of the local language and some routine bits of etiquette so as not to offend. Roll on two weeks on Friday

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19 days to departure
19 days to departure

Earning money by research participation; geld verdienen door meedoen aan wetenschappelijk onderzoek   (published in Nepal)

September 7, 2017 by   Comments(0)


Money doesn't grow on trees, which means I have a lot to do before I can depart to Nepal in December. As a student, you don't have that much to spend. I am very lucky to have the Norwegian government, parents, and grandparents to support me financially. This makes it possible for me to study, live in a nice student room, and travel back and forth to Norway twice a year. 

However, the trip to Nepal will cost more than I currently have. And since I don't have a job, I had to think of something else to earn money by. The first step was of course to save money by limiting my expenses on groceries. This means simple dinners, less meat, and no unnecessary things like chocolate and cookies (). To earn money, I decided to participate in as much research as I can at university. Because, by participating in research, you get rewarded with money. 

I have already participated in some small studies, where I just have to fill in some questionnaires, remember lists of words, and play games. This results in small amounts of money, but everything counts! Yesterday, however, I started participation in a medical study - which results in more money but for which you also have to do more. I arrived at university at 08.00 in the morning, where an intravenous line was put in my arm to draw blood. A first blood sample was taken, and afterwards I had to take a vitamin B6 capsule with the breakfast that was provided. Every 30 minutes for 4 hours long, a new blood sample was drawn. I got a box of B6 capsules to take home, from which I have to take one every day for a week. Tomorrow, I have to go back to university to draw another blood sample, and on Tuesday one last time. And the the money I earn with this goes to Nepal! 

If you would like to sponsor my trip, and thereby support ...

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Earning money by research participation; geld verdienen door meedoen aan wetenschappelijk onderzoek
Earning money by research participation; geld verdienen door meedoen aan wetenschappelijk onderzoek

Visa from Amsterdam; visum uit Amsterdam   (published in Nepal)

September 1, 2017 by   Comments(0)

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I heard that some of you have been so curious about what my next real step was going to be that you could not sleep. So hopefully, after reading this post, you will find the rest to sleep again 

Yesterday was amazing! I had a great birthday. Together with my grandmother, I took the train to Amsterdam to obtain a visa for Nepal. This was done within 10 minutes, and we spent the rest of the day eating cake, having lunch, shopping, and sightseeing in Amsterdam. I am so incredibly thankful for my superfit, always happy, beautiful grandmother! 

Now that I have my visa, the most important preparations have been done. And I'm happy for that, because after my study starts next week I will have less time to arrange things for my trip. My focus in the coming weeks will be on studying, saving money, and earning money. How I am planing to earn money without a job.. you will hear in the next post! Please don't speculate to much about it at night 

Ik heb gehoord dat sommigen van jullie zo nieuwsgierig waren naar mijn volgende echte stap dat je niet kon slapen. Ik hoop dat je nu, na het lezen van deze blog, weer de rust kan vinden om te slapen 

Gisteren was een geweldige dag! Ik heb een hele fijne verjaardag gehad. Samen met mijn oma ben ik naar Amsterdam geweest om een visum te halen voor Nepal. We stonden binnen 10 minuten weer buiten, dus we hebben de rest van de dag gebruikt om taart te eten, te lunchen, winkelen en toeristje te spelen. Ik ben zo ontzettend dankbaar voor mijn superfitte, altijd blije, prachtige oma!

Nu dat ik mijn visum heb zijn de meest belangrijke voorbereidingen gedaan. En daar ben ik blij mee, want volgende week begint de studie weer en zal ik minder tijd hebben om dingen te regelen voor mijn reis. De aankomende weken zal ik me vooral ...

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Visa from Amsterdam; visum uit Amsterdam
Visa from Amsterdam; visum uit Amsterdam

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