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Earning money by research participation; geld verdienen door meedoen aan wetenschappelijk onderzoek   (published in Nepal)

September 7, 2017 by   Comments(0)


Money doesn't grow on trees, which means I have a lot to do before I can depart to Nepal in December. As a student, you don't have that much to spend. I am very lucky to have the Norwegian government, parents, and grandparents to support me financially. This makes it possible for me to study, live in a nice student room, and travel back and forth to Norway twice a year. 

However, the trip to Nepal will cost more than I currently have. And since I don't have a job, I had to think of something else to earn money by. The first step was of course to save money by limiting my expenses on groceries. This means simple dinners, less meat, and no unnecessary things like chocolate and cookies (). To earn money, I decided to participate in as much research as I can at university. Because, by participating in research, you get rewarded with money. 

I have already participated in some small studies, where I just have to fill in some questionnaires, remember lists of words, and play games. This results in small amounts of money, but everything counts! Yesterday, however, I started participation in a medical study - which results in more money but for which you also have to do more. I arrived at university at 08.00 in the morning, where an intravenous line was put in my arm to draw blood. A first blood sample was taken, and afterwards I had to take a vitamin B6 capsule with the breakfast that was provided. Every 30 minutes for 4 hours long, a new blood sample was drawn. I got a box of B6 capsules to take home, from which I have to take one every day for a week. Tomorrow, I have to go back to university to draw another blood sample, and on Tuesday one last time. And the the money I earn with this goes to Nepal! 

If you would like to sponsor my trip, and thereby support ...

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Earning money by research participation; geld verdienen door meedoen aan wetenschappelijk onderzoek
Earning money by research participation; geld verdienen door meedoen aan wetenschappelijk onderzoek

Visa from Amsterdam; visum uit Amsterdam   (published in Nepal)

September 1, 2017 by   Comments(0)

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I heard that some of you have been so curious about what my next real step was going to be that you could not sleep. So hopefully, after reading this post, you will find the rest to sleep again 

Yesterday was amazing! I had a great birthday. Together with my grandmother, I took the train to Amsterdam to obtain a visa for Nepal. This was done within 10 minutes, and we spent the rest of the day eating cake, having lunch, shopping, and sightseeing in Amsterdam. I am so incredibly thankful for my superfit, always happy, beautiful grandmother! 

Now that I have my visa, the most important preparations have been done. And I'm happy for that, because after my study starts next week I will have less time to arrange things for my trip. My focus in the coming weeks will be on studying, saving money, and earning money. How I am planing to earn money without a job.. you will hear in the next post! Please don't speculate to much about it at night 

Ik heb gehoord dat sommigen van jullie zo nieuwsgierig waren naar mijn volgende echte stap dat je niet kon slapen. Ik hoop dat je nu, na het lezen van deze blog, weer de rust kan vinden om te slapen 

Gisteren was een geweldige dag! Ik heb een hele fijne verjaardag gehad. Samen met mijn oma ben ik naar Amsterdam geweest om een visum te halen voor Nepal. We stonden binnen 10 minuten weer buiten, dus we hebben de rest van de dag gebruikt om taart te eten, te lunchen, winkelen en toeristje te spelen. Ik ben zo ontzettend dankbaar voor mijn superfitte, altijd blije, prachtige oma!

Nu dat ik mijn visum heb zijn de meest belangrijke voorbereidingen gedaan. En daar ben ik blij mee, want volgende week begint de studie weer en zal ik minder tijd hebben om dingen te regelen voor mijn reis. De aankomende weken zal ik me vooral ...

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Visa from Amsterdam; visum uit Amsterdam
Visa from Amsterdam; visum uit Amsterdam

Preparations and vaccinations; voorbereidingen en vaccinaties   (published in Nepal)

August 29, 2017 by   Comments(0)

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A few days ago, my trip to Nepal as a volunteer was confirmed! This means preparation has started for real. I have been reading through information, more information, and more information about the country, the trip, what to expect, what to prepare, etc. And I'm getting more excited by every word I read! 

I am doing the Christmas Building project in Kathmandu, which lasts from the 20 of December 2017 to January 2nd 2018. With a group of volunteers, I will help building a school for the children in Nepal. After the earthquakes in 2015, still not enough schools have been built which means that not every child can go to school at the moment. This year, my wish for Christmas is to help those children, and therefore I signed up for this project.

About the preparations again, today the first step was taken. I have already been writing on my packing list, trying to save some money, and dancing around my room in thanksgiving because of this great opportunity - but this was the first REAL step. I went to the GP to get vaccinations. And that was not as bad as I had expected! The next real step will be taken on Thursday - my birthday! 

Een paar dagen geleden werd mijn reis als vrijwilliger naar Nepal bevestigd! Dit betekent dat de voorbereidingen nu echt zijn begonnen. Ik heb informatie, meer informatie en nog meer informatie gelezen over het land, de reis, wat ik kan verwachten en moet voorbereiden, enz. En bij elk woord dat ik lees krijg ik meer zin om te gaan!

Ik ga het Kerst Bouwproject doen in Kathmandu, van 20 December 2017 tot 2 Januari 2018. Samen met andere vrijwilligers ga ik helpen met het bouwen van een school voor de kinderen in Nepal. Na de aardbevingen in 2015 zijn er nog steeds niet genoeg scholen opgezet voor alle kinderen om naar school te kunnen. ...

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Preparations and vaccinations; voorbereidingen en vaccinaties
Preparations and vaccinations; voorbereidingen en vaccinaties

Making connections   (published in Nepal)

July 8, 2017 by   Comments(0)

A few things are starting to come together now. Mirko has been extremely helpful so I now know that I will be staying at the hotel Kathmandu Prince for my stay, very near to local sights, shops and street food. 

In terms of what to take that might help I am told children's books as they are trying to create a library in each video page. Also clothes are always welcome. Mirko advised not to take stationary as it is very cheap locally and if you buy it there you are also contributing to the local economy.

All my preparations are done except for visa which Mirko assures me is a very simple process at the airport - does he have any idea how stupid I can be? Also, need a last check on clothes as not allowed bare shoulders so need vests with shirts on top or polo shirts. Don't know how mucky we'll get doing disaster relief work. 

Ask the oracle - check with Mirko!!! (In Ghana the clothes I wore to paint the orphanage had to go in the bin)


Have also introduced myself to a local charity in Lincoln who run a school and n Nepal doing excellent work.  Really good to see a film of their work. 

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Making connections
Making connections

Nepaal!!!   (published in Nepal)

July 6, 2017 by   Comments(0)

Hello Nepal from Madrid!

Today begins what I hope will be an enriching experience, I am very motivated and willing to help.

I cant wait to get there !!

Anyone doing education proyect in Kathmandu?

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