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Care & community in Ghana   (published in Ghana)

February 15, 2017 by   Comments(2)

Hey so I have never done this before but I’ve just booked my project to Ghana for July 7, I was wondering if anyone else is going at that time and any advice anyone can give me. I’m really confused about what clothing to take as the guide says one thing but the pictures show another. Any help is much appreciated, thanks xx

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Care & community in Ghana
Care & community in Ghana

Physiotherapy project Ghana!   (published in Ghana)

February 9, 2017 by   Comments(0)

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I have just booked my trip with ProjectsAbroadUK to Ghana, to embark on a project in physiotherapy. I am really looking forward to it! and wondered if anybody else here would be going to do a physiotherapy project and/or going to Ghana in July 2017? also, if anybody has already been on a project in Ghana- are you able to give any advice? places I must visit whilst there? What to expect? etc? any advice would be great.

If you're going around the same time as me, please do get in touch! I will be doing some independent travel after my project and wouldn't mind buddying up with somebody. 

Best wishes,


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Physiotherapy project Ghana!
Physiotherapy project Ghana!

So Excited!!   (published in Ghana)

November 9, 2016 by   Comments(4)

Hello everybody!

This is the first time I am blogging. But i've just got in on the Social project in Ghana for the summer of 2017!

I am so excited for this adventure.

If you got some tips for me about what to do when I am in Ghana or what to do for the preparation at home, please let me know!

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So Excited!!
So Excited!!

21 October 2016 -   (published in Ghana)

October 22, 2016 by   Comments(1)

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I'll be leaving for Ghana, Africa in a few months. I'm not sure what to feel: nervous, scared, excited, estatic..

One day, I just felt beyond myself. I felt as if I needed to do something that will push me out of my comfort zone, so I started Googling stuff, anything and everything. Then I found Projects Abroad. At first, I gave doubt, I thought "This is crazy, how will I ever be able to do this?" but after a lot of researching and talking to a former volunteer, I decided to push forward. I said to myself: "there is nothing better than helping people and traveling at the same time." 

This is my first time traveling alone, first time traveling outside of the US, first time stepping out of my comfort zone. I've always pictured myself doing this and I cannot believe that it is actually becoming reality.

I'm not sure what to expect but I am so excited to immerse myself into a whole different culture than to what I am used to here in the states and at the same time give medical help to people in need. 

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21 October 2016 -
21 October 2016 -

Eerste dagen in Ghana   (published in Ghana)

July 14, 2016 by   Comments(0)

Ghana is echt fantastisch! 

Na een goede vlucht ben ik zaterdag, 9 juli, goed aangekomen in Ghana! De eerste nacht sliepen we in het Pink hostel hotel. Zondag zijn we naar Cape Coast gereist in de trotro (soort busje) waar ik deze vier weken verblijf. In het gastgezin zit ik met 5 andere meiden! Het is heel gezellig en we lachen heel wat af

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Eerste dagen in Ghana
Eerste dagen in Ghana

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