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My Last Week in Ghana :(   (published in Ghana)

November 25, 2017 by   Comments(0)

Friday: Yet another Right to Play, but this time before we left we got to observe an interview. One of the girls from shelter had her grandmother come to get her, and said grandmother was very frustrated because this was the third time the girl had run away. Although her grandmother takes very good care of her, she keeps running to Accra to search for her mother, whose location is unknown. The worst part is that the mother has been contacted by phone, and expressed she wants nothing to do with the girl. It is a very painful and frustrating situation because the girl won't stop looking even though it's pointless, and it's taking a toll on the grandmother because she doesn't know what to do anymore. The social workers weighed their options and decided they would try to track down the mother so the girl can at least see her once, then hopefully realize she was better off with the grandma. Another possibility was getting the police involved so that the mother would be forced to care for the child, but Tine and I worried that would set her up for maltreatment. In the end there was no good fix, so all we can do is hope something changes for the positive. That evening, we went out for Claire's last night in Ghana. It was a lot of fun, but also pretty sad because Claire was my roommate and best friend and I'll miss her a lot :(

Saturday: After the festivities of Friday night, I slept all day. In the evening Claire left, and made me cry because she started crying. What a jerk. To cheer me up, I went out with some local friends and we ended up at a party. This party was basically just a bunch of people all wearing white dancing outside of a bar, but it made for some excellent people watching. One man was extremely drunk and kept running after ladies' butts like a puppydog. By ...

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My Last Week in Ghana :(
My Last Week in Ghana :(

week 11   (published in Ghana)

November 17, 2017 by   Comments(2)

Friday: Instead of going to work, Tine and I traveled to Achimota to visit Street Girls Aid, an organization that aims to get girls off the streets. We met one of their social workers, Issa, when he came to the shelter to trace a family for one of the kids. He graciously invited us to visit, and we finally got to take him up on the offer. I was so incredibly impressed with the org. Every single person who works there is kind, welcoming, and actually looks like they love thier job. Since SGA is an NGO, it has private donors which allows them to provide a lot for the girls, including hospital visits for pregnant teens. However, their main job is sending outreach workers into the neighborhood to make contact with homeless girls. Once they build a relationship, they offer their services, and hopefully the girls accept. Once they do, they are given food, housing, vocational training, childcare, and even business and english lessons. Additionally, the org has a traveling library to teach street kids how to read. This day in particular, five young women were graduating from the hairdressing program, and we got to attend the celebration. Everyone was so proud of them, including themselves, which was beautiful to see. I'm attaching a link to thier website because it does a much better job explaining everything than I can, and there is a donate button if you have some spare cash lying around and want to support a truly impactful organization!

That evening, Claire was not feeling well so we took a little field trip to a not so nearby hospital! It was actually very interesting to see, a lot clearer than most hospitals back home, and besides the fact Claire was miserable I had quite a pleasant time. I know I made my mom proud because I got to show off my self-advocacy ...

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week 11
week 11

week 10   (published in Ghana)

November 9, 2017 by   Comments(0)

Friday: Yet another right to play. I got a sunburn and bitten multiple times by a really cute four year old, but I beat my co-worker in a shoot-off so it was all worth it. Back at the office, I got to talk to one of the PA employees and hear about her life in Ghana. She met her husband at school in London, and moved to Ghana seven years ago. She now has a son who is attending preschool and noted that it was unfair how money could buy such superior education even at that young age. Her story just made me think about how wild it would be to pack up and move your life somewhere else. She's created a whole new life here and seems very happy, but has had to adjust so much. I admire her bravery and the way she's leaped into Ghana with open arms. Speaking of (overly) open arms, this evening we went to a new bar to meet one of our volunteer's coworkers. He was a man in his 30s, and my first impression of him was him grabbing a waitress by the breast and saying "see I can do this, only for me". I thought hmmmm where have I heard this before..cough cough Trump. I was horrified, and looked at the woman to see if she needed help. She didn't say anything, but was smiling as if all was well and they knew each other. As uncomfortable as myself and my fellow volunteers were, we decided not to say anything because perhaps it was a cultural thing and not a big deal. Unfortunately the next thing this man did was look at my two friends and I, inspect our breasts closely, then decree that none of ours were big enough for him, and he preferred the waitress' because they were large enough to "eat up". 1. I've never had anyone in my life tell me my boobs were small, so that was jarring to begin with. 2. WHO THE HELL DOES THIS MAN THINK HE IS. I racked my brain thinking am I being judgemental, ...

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week 10
week 10

20 december ga ik   (published in Ghana)

November 7, 2017 by   Comments(0)

Hallo allemaal,

20 december is het zover en vertrek ik naar Ghana. Ik kijk er heel erg naar uit. 

Op deze blog schrijf ik stukken over wat ik allemaal doe en mee maak. Als jullie het leuk vinden kunnen jullie dit lezen. 



Isa Molenaar 


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20 december ga ik
20 december ga ik

week 9   (published in Ghana)

November 3, 2017 by   Comments(0)

Friday: At Right to Play, the kids and I had an intense basketball game. Some of them have yet to grasp the concept of dribbling, but I like playing with them because in comparison I'm really really good. That evening all the volunteers went to get pizza for Kasper's last night in Ghana, and it was a delicious break from the daily rice I am beginning to get very tired of. The owner had a fun time chatting with Laura in italian, and even hooked us up with ice cream. Claire is my favorite person to eat with because even though she is smaller, she somehow can eat even more than me. After dinner, half of our group went home, which left Julie, Laura, Claire, Kasper and I to go out on the town. We went to purple pub and after struggling to find chairs, a man sitting by himself invited us to join him because his friends had ditched him. He was very nice, especially after we shared a large bottle of gin with him. Eventually a lot of our local friends showed up, including my coworker Victoria. She doesn't usually go out, and had never been to this bar before, so I was very excited she made a special exception for me. She was welcomed by a man using his teeth to take the cap off her drink, so if that isn't quality treatment I don't know what is. The rest of the night involved a lot of dancing (more so attempts on the obrunis part), and we got home nice and early. As in 6am.

Saturday: I spent pretty much all day in bed sleeping. That night we had to say goodbye to Kasper which was very sad because he Claire and I had become so close. But he's off to Brazil in a few weeks so we don't feel that bad for him.

Sunday: Our neighbor moved to another suburb called Achimota, so he took me on a little field trip there to show me around. It was interesting to see a different neighborhood ...

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week 9
week 9

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