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TOO EXCITED!   (published in Cambodia)

February 26, 2017 by   Comments(0)

My application has been accepted! I'm SO excited to start this amazing adventure in Cambodia. As soon as I found out, I booked my flights and told every person I know. This will be one of the first trips on my own as a young adult without my family or friends, and to make it even more exciting, I have never been to Cambodia! Some people who I have spoken to, they think I'm crazy to travel half way across the world to a place I've never been. However, I believe that the people I will meet will impact my life so much, and the experience will make me a better person. In the end, it's not about the what ifs, it's about the chance to help people who need it. I can't wait to get stuck in!

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SO READY!   (published in Cambodia)

February 23, 2017 by   Comments(0)

I have officially had my application approved today! Within minutes of seeing the email, I had my blog set up, my check-list perused, and my enthusiasm/excitement massively amped up. Although I don't want to miss the next few months of my life, I also definitely want it to be June already so I can start my project!

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Weekly Report by Danielle Dong December 27- January 3   (published in Cambodia)

January 12, 2017 by   Comments(0)

December 27 - January 3
This week started off with a concert event that came to the island, where volunteers enjoyed performances and street food. Throughout the rest of the week, Danielle worked on her confined and open water dives to gain her scuba certification, while Scott, Chris, and Adrian had a Dive Against Debris. Scott and Adrian also worked on their underwater photography course. The team then made tags out of a recycled plastic bottle for the coral at the nearby reef, so that Projects Abroad will be able to track the health of the various corals throughout the years. For New Year's, the volunteers spent the weekend in Sihanoukville. Once they came back, they spent the evening at Coconut Beach.

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Weekly Report by Danielle Dong December 27- January 3
Weekly Report by Danielle Dong December 27- January 3

Wednesday 23 November 2016 – Tuesday 29 November 2016 Report by Chris Foot   (published in Cambodia)

December 8, 2016 by   Comments(0)

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Single dive in the morning. Will and Flavia started their Underwater Water Photography course, highlight find being an Octopus. Marion, Matt, Julia and Chris completed a Sea Horse Survey. The afternoon was taken up by Khmer Cooking Class by Staff Member Sea’s family. Firstly went to the market to buy the ingredients then back to base to peel and prep a huge number of vegetables and fruits to cook a delicious Khmer curry with pork ribs, vegetables, rice, peanut sauce, chicken and salad for dipping with a mango dessert.

Thursday 24 November 2016Two dives in the morning. Flavia and Will completed their Underwater Photography course, picturing Blue Spotted Stingray and a huge hermit crab. Matt and Julia completed a reef survey noting species present at the site and Chris and Marion completed a ‘Dive Against Debris’. Second dive was a Sea Horse Survey, none spotted until leader Roger had just got the buoy out to end the dive and suddenly we saw a large Seahorse just below us. The afternoon was spent watching presentations, Julia was leaving the next day so presented her ‘Índuction Presentation’ on Coral Reef Gardening.Friday 25 November 2016

Fun Friday lived up to its name. Went to a reef known as Danger Rock due to it being very shallow for the boat, also why not many fishing boats go there and it’s in extremely good health. The reef was like a huge aquarium, exactly what you dream of when you think about diving coral reefs. Huge variety of species, big Angel fish, Parrotfish, strange foot-long sea cucumbers, huge shoals of small fish and great big corals as far as the eye could see. Afternoon off to prep for the night dive in the evening. Completed the dive just off the coast of our island Koh Sdach, ...

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Wednesday 23 November 2016 – Tuesday 29 November 2016 Report by Chris Foot
Wednesday 23 November 2016 – Tuesday 29 November 2016 Report by Chris Foot

Report 2. November - 8 November 2016 My first week on the island. By Flavia Hodel   (published in Cambodia)

November 10, 2016 by   Comments(0)

Wednesday 02.11

The fist day on the island was brain lasting.I had my introduction into the program, meaning what is all done in this conservation project, wich was pretty interesting. Then a long learning session started. I watched the first three sections of diving theory, plus made the quizzes which belong to the chapters. It was a lot of work, but I liked to do it anyway, because this meant that i could start with my first diving lesson the next day.In the afternoon: more brain feeding stuff: a presentation about the khmer culture and then a lesson in khmer ( the language ).

Thursday 03.11

In the morning I had my first diving lesson. The learning session of the day before payed of.In the afternoon we did a beach clean. We went to coconut beach and collected all sort of trash and tipped what we collected into a app. So the result was not only a more clean beach (we could not do all, there was too much trash), but also collected data of what and how much trash is laying around / produced by humans.Afterwards we had a swim to cool down a bit.In the evening there would have been yoga classes which I did not take place in because I‘ve had a bit too much sun and I don‘t like yoga very much.

Friday 04.11

In the morning I had my second diving lesson. The others went off for a school clean.In the afternoon we had a short coral watch presentation, and directly afterwards we went for the coral watch itself. Coral watch means to go observe the corals in the reef to see if the reef is healthy or if there is coral bleaching. The goal was that everyone observed 50 corals, but there was a strong, exhausting current. Thus most of us, including me, left the water before we hat these 50. Back at the base we typed in our results into the data base, then we got some free ...

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Report 2. November - 8 November 2016 My first week on the island. By Flavia Hodel
Report 2. November - 8 November 2016 My first week on the island. By Flavia Hodel

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