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Week 3   (published in Samoa)

December 1, 2016 by   Comments(0)

My second full week of work is over and I can't believe I'm half way through my trip already!I've been working alongside the school's physio, in a kind of consulting role, and also did a short workshop with the teachers on why we do physiotherapy with mentally disabled children. On Friday there wasn't any school, as they were having a fundraising event in the evening, so I spent about 2h French-braiding palm around the tree trunks in a fale.Monday and Tuesday I also went to rugby academy to do some player rehab, which was fun as everyone is really friendly. Thursday evening was the launch of an U20s tournament, and the four of us (we're working for the whole tournament) were invited over for a few drinks and to meet all the staff.Friday after work we spent several hours at the resort again (I could get used to that luxury...).

Saturday was the first day of the tournament, and we ended up standing in Samoan rain for the first game. It was actually pretty cold that day! One of the main problems we discovered though was that some of the guys don't actually speak much English, so trying to get them to understand what we were trying to tell them was pretty difficult!Sunday we spent most of the day at the resort again, doing some swimming and kayaking. As school finishes in two weeks, I might be able to have a few days off during my last week here to do some exploring (since working Saturdays means we can't really do anything exciting at the weekends, and lots of things are closed on Sundays).

I'll let you know how everything goes! Take care xxx

Meine zweite richtige Arbeitswoche ist vorbei und ich kann kaum glauben, dass schon die Hälfte meiner Reise vorbei ist!Ich habe die Woche über mit dem Schulphysio gearbeitet, in einer Art Mentor Rolle, und habe mit den ...

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Week 3
Week 3

Week 2   (published in Samoa)

November 21, 2016 by   Comments(0)

Just finished my first full week and it was amazing. I worked alongside the teachers and Physio at Fiamalamalama school for mentally handicapped children, and I now know all the staff as well as the children. They love singing and dancing and have a sports day every week. I also went to the Rugby Academy and am going to be running a clinic for the U20s a couple of times a week :)

The guys were on Savai'i from Wednesday, so our host mum Talo and I had the house to ourselves and it was very quiet! We went out for fish burgers and ice cream on Thursday (Koko Samoa is the best flavour ever!)

On Friday we took the ferry to join the boys on Savai'i, the other large island. It's the most beautiful place ever, white beaches and amazingly turquoise water. Friday night we stayed in a hotel right on the beach, after visiting the lava fields and blow holes and seeing the sun set over the ocean.

Saturday we went on the Canopy walk, which has a great view over the rainforests in the centre of the island, then we drove to our beach fales (open houses) to swim in the sea and relax, before going to a tortoise farm. By this time we all had a massive sun burn....we spent the night in the fale, listening to the waves, and waking up to sunshine! 

On Sunday we visited family of our host parents and had lunch there, then we took the ferry back to Upolo to have more food (I am going to be soooo round!!). 

Short but sweet - I'll keep you updated! 

Izzy xxx

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Week 2
Week 2

First few days // die ersten Tage   (published in Samoa)

November 14, 2016 by   Comments(0)

I've been here a couple of days now and they've certainly been pretty Eventful! I had my induction and orientation tour (in the pouring rain) on Thursday and my first day at work on Friday. I spent the day observing the kids and getting to know the school. There was a group of Australian nursing students staying at the house when I arrived, so some of us went to a local Jazz festival on Friday evening.Saturday we went to the To Sua Ocean Trench, which is amazingly beautiful and peaceful, and so nice to swim in, though it is pretty scary going down the wooden ladder, as it's pretty slippery and there's no hand rail!The nurses left on Saturday evening, and three Danish physio students arrived at the house, who will be staying here the entire time I'm here.Yesterday we had planned to go to the Sliding Rocks, but then one of the guys and I got bitten by a dog, so we ended up going to the hospital to get the bites checked and cleaned. We are now on antibiotics, whoop whoop! We still went to the Sliding Rocks, though the two of us sat out and watched the other guys swim....we met up with some Austrian medical students and went to have coffee in town, followed by a trip to the pharmacy to pick up our tablets and get an ice cream with our host mum!Let's hope the second week gets off to a better start :p

Ich bin jetzt ein paar Tage hier und sie waren definitiv interessant. Donnerstag hatte ich meine Einführung und Stadtführung im strömenden Regen und Freitag war mein erster Arbeitstag. Ich hab den Tag genutzt um die Kinder zu beobachten und den Schulalltag kennen zu lernen.Als ich hier angekommen bin war auch eine Gruppe australischer Krankenpflege Studentinnen hier, also sind ein paar von uns am Freitag zu einem Jazz Festival gegangen.Samstag waren wir beim To ...

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First few days // die ersten Tage
First few days // die ersten Tage

Hello from Samoa!   (published in Samoa)

November 10, 2016 by   Comments(0)

So I finally made it to Samoa! After about 40 hours of travelling and around 50 hours of not sleeping I arrived at my host family.

The flight from London to LA was great - it was so empty I ended up having 4 seats to myself (yes, 4!!) which meant I could try as many different sitting/sleeping positions as I liked (sadly, I managed to drop off twice, only to be woken both times by the captain switching on the seat belt sign and announcing something). I also rather liked being served afternoon tea at midnight and a late dinner for breakfast (thank you time zones, I now have absolutely no idea what the time is anywhere).The stop in LA was really easy too, having gone through customs and security (in fast track lanes, yay!) I only had to wait about 45 minutes before I could board the plane again.The second flight however was no fun at all. The plane was full, I didn't sleep (despite taking sleeping tablets - they succeeded in making me drop off for about an hour then keeping me wide awake for the rest of the flight) and I couldn't find any position which was comfortable. I attempted a nap at the airport in Auckland but ended up writing a blog post instead, which I couldn't post because my free wifi expired just as I was going to upload it.

On the bright side I managed to leave the airport and have a look round Auckland!

The final flight was only around 4h and went comparatively fast. Our plane was the only one at Apia airport and it was so dark when we were landing I literally thought we were going to land in the ocean! I even managed a glimpse of Tonga on the way there.

Everyone at the airport was very relaxed and friendly, there was even a band playing music!

I managed to sleep quite well last night, and after breakfast I had my induction. I was then shown round town (in ...

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Hello from Samoa!
Hello from Samoa!

Here we go // Jetzt geht's los!   (published in Samoa)

November 7, 2016 by   Comments(0)


So I'm sitting in the departure lounge in Heathrow - I've managed to check in, drop my luggage (after much last minute packing and repacking to get it to 23kg) and buy lunch, now I just have to wait! My flight leaves in 2 hours, but luckily Heathrow offers enough entertainment (just don't tell my mum there's a Cath Kidston shop here...). I've managed to hold back the tears so far, but I'm already starting to miss London, my family (official and unofficial) and the rugby girls (though it's probably for the best I give them time to forget Saturday night). Can't wait to get to Samoa!

See you soon - next stop LA!


Ich sitze in Heathrow und hab es immerhin geschafft einzuchecken, meinen Koffer abzugeben (den ich mehrmals umpacken musste um die 23kg zu erreichen...) und Mittag zu kaufen. Jetzt heißt es warten - mein Flug geht in 2 Stunden. Zum Glück gibt es hier relativ viel zu tun. Bis jetzt konnte ich die Tränen ganz gut zurück halten, aber ich fange jetzt schon an London, meine Familien (offiziell und inoffiziell) und die Rugby Mädels zu vermissen (obwohl es wahrscheinlich ganz gut ist, wenn die erstmal Zeit haben Samstag Abend zu vergessen). Freu mich schon auf Samoa!

Bis bald - nächste Station LA!


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Here we go // Jetzt geht's los!
Here we go // Jetzt geht's los!

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