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Giraffe Capture and Relocation Exercise.   (published in Kenya)

October 1, 2012 by   Comments(0)

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The capture exercise starts with Kenya Wildlife Capture team camping at the site a day before the capture exercise. They then drive around the park looking for the right candidate, upon its identification the head doctor Isaac Lekolool, darts the candidate with a seditive drug which leads to a very fast chase of the darted animal, it is tripped with ropes till it falls down.

Blood, far and skin samples are taken for getting the animal’s DNA. Some cold water is then poured on the animal to help in cooling it.

The animal is then lifted with ropes and it is led into a wooden carrier which is pulled by a tractor to a holding pen where it stays for two weeks. This is to help calm down the animal before it is transported to its new home.

Projects Abroad Conservation Volunteers will help gather food and feed the three giraffes for the next two weeks.

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Giraffe Capture and Relocation Exercise.
Giraffe Capture and Relocation Exercise.

I've arrived!   (published in Kenya)

September 3, 2012 by   Comments(1)

So after 2 long and tiring flights, i've arrived in Kenya. The Kigio Wildlife conservancy where I am staying is like heaven. I woke up to the sight of a herd of zebras drinking at a water-hole just outside my window this morning, was amazing. I am the only female in the lodge at the moment so have a room to myself. There are 4 other volunteers, all boys. It is such a lovely, peaceful environment, pure bliss.Just having my town induction at the moment in Navaisha, then ill be heading back to the conservancy (and out of contact) to do some wildlife tracking and fence repair. Food is good and people are very friendly. Photos next time :)


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I've arrived!
I've arrived!

Saving a Young Life   (published in Kenya)

August 27, 2012 by   Comments(0)

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It was just a normal Medical Outreach although Hope Children’s Ministry our venue that day was a new placement, it was also the first time some of the volunteers had attended the outreach whose aim is to give the community especially children an opportunity to receive medical attention and get treatment on small ailments and wounds.

Projects Abroad Medical volunteers had their hands full as soon as we set up the treatment equipments. Due to the poor living conditions at the Ronda Slums where the ministry is locate, the patient’s complaint were almost of the same nature, it was also sad to learn that most of these symptoms had been there for more than one month.

Seasoned volunteers had the task of guiding the new volunteers, and with the help of the centre coordinators Rodgers and Sharriff treatment run smoothly. Connor Donahue with the consultation of the Julian Bergman and Anna Hunt, noticed a 3 year old boy who had difficulties to breath. With closer examination they realized that his tonsils were completely swollen, closing his right airways and living his left airways with little space.

With no money to cater for the necessary treatment, the young boy was not only in danger, but near an untimely end. Connor, Julian, Sausha, Anna and Jessica Vance all Projects Abroad Kenya volunteers, except for Jessica (Assistant Country Director Projects Abroad Kenya) offered to cater for the boys medical treatment.

At the Nakuru Provincial Hospital, a public hospital, catering for the expansive Rift valley Province, doctors did not move with required speed living the volunteers with no choice but to  personally take the boys tests, which revealed a multiple organ infection on his organs. Antibiotics and oral liquids were prescribed to help reduce ...

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Saving a Young Life
Saving a Young Life

Mount Kenya! By Caitlin Hughes   (published in Kenya)

August 20, 2012 by   Comments(0)

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I MADE IT!!!!   4985m/16,355ft.

I’m a complete cripple – hobbling around nakuru, but i’m hobbling with a smile on my face – so proud right now!

We (me and climbing buddy alex) set off last Tuesday, on a  matatu to nyeri. It was a stunning drive across the highlands, even if the minibus was hot and crowded, and halfway we realised we were sharing it with a live chicken. The owner of the Mount Kenya youth hostel picked us up on tuesday afternoon, and we spent a night at his place – a lovely little hostel on the road to the mountain. The actual climb began on Wednesday lunchtime – a half day to allow us to acclimatise to the altitude. Our team consisted of us, our awesome guide Charles, 3 porters to carry our stuff and lots of food, and of course the most important member of the team – the cook! He was an amazing cook as well, and it’s safe to say I’ve never consumed so many calories in 5 days haha – I was in heaven!

We stayed at the “met station” – a couple of wooden cabins in the forest, on our first night, and awoke to the sound of Columbus monkeys running all over the roof – they proceeded to rummage through our bags and try to steal our breakfast. We set off early on thursday, and got stuck into the proper climb. It was steep, and it was tiring, but it was great to be out in the fresh air, and to my surprise, we met virtually noone along the way. I’d kind of imagined we’d be among groups of tourists, given that it’s a fairly popular climb, but to my delight, other than the couple of folk we passed on their way down, it was just us and the mountain! We passed through the stretch aptly nicknamed the “vertical bog”, and everything was ...

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Mount Kenya! By Caitlin Hughes
Mount Kenya! By Caitlin Hughes

Helping Hand   (published in Kenya)

August 7, 2012 by   Comments(0)

Taking a break from normal routine, to travel to a strange country abroad, with strange people and in some cases a different language, takes a lot of courage and determination. Over the past few months  I have met a bunch of new people from different nationalities  with different dreams and goals but they all had one thing in common, making a positive change to the less fortunate. I salute all the Projects Abroad volunteers for offering a helping hand and making the world a better place. Asante Sana.


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Helping Hand
Helping Hand

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