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Major Changes in Dar es Salaam Orphanages due to volunteer fundraising!   (published in Tanzania)

December 19, 2011 by   Comments(0)

I would like to write a blog to thank the amazing care volunteers we have had in Dar, who are behaving like Christmas angels and bringing gifts to the naughty and the nice! Thank you to all of you, and specifically I would like to point out the following volunteers...

Since our Medical Outreach at Chakuwama a few months ago, we have been seeing major changes in terms of hygiene of the children, cleanliness of the home and attitude of the carers. Aside from these important behavioural adjustments, the orphanage has also changed in its physical existence!  

Megan Turner (Care volunteer , Australia) has through her fundraising and coordination  arranged for every one of the 80 children to have their own plate for eating, underwear for each child,  desks and chairs to sit at in their classroom and clean sheets on their bed.  She has also had the Gazebo outside rebuilt to have a place for shelter for rain and sun outdoors. Megan, thank you for your amazing contribution an inspiration! You will be dearly missed.

At Amani  Orphanage, Lisa Hoy (care volunteer, Canada) and Rebecca Chasse (care volunteer, USA) have also made their mark donating school fees for the children, so that they could go back to school. What an incredible gesture. These two volunteers have contributed so much to the centre. I went to be with Rebecca on her last day when all the children made a little speech for her, it was very moving, to see a four year old stand up, and with hands nervously playing with dress say : ‘Thank you teacher Rebecca for bringing us balloons... colours.... and panting my face because it feels funny’. Everyone in the room was in tears by the time we left!


Goodbye hug- Rebecca Chasse at Amani Orphanage

Our volunteers Ditte Therkildsen (care volunteer, Denmark) and Jasmijn Westerhoff (medicine and care volunteer, Netherlands) have also been acting like santa claus, and have provided Al Madina orphanage with two gas rings to cook with instead of coal which fills the tiny orphanage with smoke every day.  They have also brought a heap of toys and educational materials, thank you so much.


Jasmijn Westerhoff (medical and care volunteer) and Ditte Therkildsen (care volunteer)giving their donations to Al-madina orphanage

Big thank you to Nickolai Gaards (Medical volunteer, 5 months) who will be arriving at the orphanages on December 24th,  dressed as Santa Claus to give the children a Christmas to rememeber forever! Ho Ho HO!

So many other volunteers have also been contributing and changing the orphanages in Dar, thank you too!

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Major Changes in Dar es Salaam Orphanages due to volunteer fundraising!
Major Changes in Dar es Salaam Orphanages due to volunteer fundraising!