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Displaced Dar es Salaam orphans gain new home to due volunteer ACTION!   (published in Tanzania)

December 19, 2011 by   Comments(0)

These last few weeks I have been overwhelmed by the pro activeness of our volunteers. One after the other, volunteers have been busy fundraising with their friends and family back in their home countries and have of their own initiative started to address important issues in their placements with regards to lack of resources.

We spend a lot of time here in Dar thinking about the best way to use volunteer donations to positive effect, and our partner organizations what their most urgent needs are.

A few weeks ago we had a special meeting to discuss a care placement, Tanzania Child Rescue Network. The orphanage house was being reclaimed by the landlord and the children were going to be left without a place to live as there was little notice and no funds available to rent a new house. We started dreaming big, about buying land and building a children’s village, and talked about fundraising through sponsored runs and so forth, but suddenly the house was reclaimed much sooner than we could have imagined, and when we went to do our medical outreach there last week, we found the 20 children at ‘school’, with all their belongings under a tree. At this point we knew we had to move fast and we located a temporary house we could move them to for 6 months to a year until we could find that piece of land. The house was small and simple but fine.

Vicky and Pastor Douglas viewing a potential plot

The next day, Projects Abroad volunteers and Projects Abroad had put enough funds together to pay the rent on the house for 6 months, but when we went with the money to pay, someone else had already rented it out.

Through talking to many different people and explaining the situation, Pastor Douglas who runs the orphanage found a house and negotiated for the same price. The only difference is, this house really feels like a HOME. Its garden is fenced with bright pink Bourgainvilla bushes, there is a fresh sea breeze, an outdoor shelter and best of all a beautiful little house full of character. There are proper toilets, and there is even furniture meaning all the children now have mattresses to sleep on.

Larning how to make Chapati at TCRN


An enormous thank you goes out to Christina Nilsson (ex care volunteer, Denmark), Sherin Wintler (Medical Volunteer, Switzerland), and Inge do Jong (Medical volunteer, Netherlands), who donated towards this new home so generously, and have guaranteed the rent for the whole year. Now we are raising funds to hopefully buy a piece of land to build a permanent home for Tanzania Child Rescue Network.

On dirty day we all went to the house and put in a vegetable garden and I wanted to let you all know that the vegetables are growing! Especially the carrots and the cucumbers.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this happen:). Let’s keep dreaming!

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Displaced Dar es Salaam orphans gain new home to due volunteer ACTION!
Displaced Dar es Salaam orphans gain new home to due volunteer ACTION!