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Volunteer of the Month   (published in South Africa)

October 22, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Volunteer of the month is a new endeavor by Projects Abroad South Africa. Every month, Projects Abroad staff will select a volunteer who deserves special mention. This accolade will be awarded to the volunteer who shows outstanding character and performance at their project, as well as going above and beyond expectations. A good indicator of this is a volunteer taking initiative and doing more than their project asks of them. Making use of additional resources is encouraged. This includes taking advantage of Dirty Weekends, where volunteers can make a difference in their community by beautifying a crèche, building a much-needed wall, fixing up a yard, erecting soccer posts or making any other positive, lasting impression on the community.


The volunteer of the month will be commended in the monthly newsletter, as well as have their photo and contributions added to the Volunteer of the Month board in the Newlands office. A prize will also be awarded, compliments of Osumo restaurant.

Each volunteer will then be in the running for Projects Abroad South Africa’s volunteer of the year, which will be announced at the end of the year.

The first Volunteer of the Month is

Tara McMullan

Tara McMullan



(Hyde Park Primary)

4 Months

Nationality: Australian


Tara has shown a tremendous amount of independent initiative, strong communication skills, and a natural leadership style together with empathy and humour and through this has achieved great things. The reason why Tara has been awarded ‘Volunteer of the Month’ is firstly because she exemplifies what it is to be a hard working, diligent volunteer. Furthermore, Tara’s positive, enthusiastic and infectious personality has raised the morale and has given Hyde Park something to talk about as many talented children have now been given the opportunity to express themselves through art.


‘Tara is the best; she is changing Hyde Park by the day! The children and students love her and love having her around. I honestly wish that Tara was a full time teacher here and I dread the day she leaves...’ Mr Jurgens, Principal of Hyde Park Primary.

See the November Newsletter for more (coming soon)!

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Volunteer of the Month
Volunteer of the Month