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Theatre in the District   (published in South Africa)

October 14, 2010 by   Comments(0)

District Six is a suburb just outside of Cape Town, which was mostly flattened by bulldozers in the 1960s under the Apartheid government. Only very few buildings survived the demolition, and the suburb stands largely empty to this day; a physical scar in an otherwise picturesque city.

One of these buildings is the Lydia Williams Centre of Memory, named after a freed slave who lived in the area in the 1880s. Lydia Williams established a school for slave children, and it’s this building that is now the Theatre in the District. During the eighties, it was the home of the Community Arts Project, which provided alternative arts education to the disadvantaged. Through the many dramatic performances enacted on the stage at this venue, the many school children of the District were given a vision of the possibilities of freedom beyond the shackles of apartheid.

The Lydia Williams Centre of Memory is where the Theatre in the District is now housed. This local theatre provides Cape Town’s youth a place to express their talents.

Projects Abroad South Africa is hosting a social here on Monday, October 18th, where volunteers will be able to enjoy a delicious South African meal, as well as an entertaining show about three Cape Townian men – one white, one coloured, one black. It’s sure to be a great evening!


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Theatre in the District
Theatre in the District