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My First Impressions written by Martina Umeton, Italy   (published in Romania)

September 12, 2016 by   Comments(0)

This being my first ever trip to Romania I was very excited about it. I have always been attracted to the Eastern European countries as I have never had the chance to visit them myself and I feel there is a lot of prejudice and misinformation circulating about them. So, I am extremely pleased about my first taste of this beautiful country.

Even before leaving I was charmed by the language. It is wonderful to hear it and had me intrigued right away. I love getting to know new languages and listening to people talking to one another here is amazingly fascinating to me.

Another captivating thing I got intrigued by both by seeing it on the internet and in real life is the thick, emerald green forest that surrounds the Brasov area. Woods always amaze me as they hold that aura of mystery and wilderness we so sorely lack in our modern technological world. Passing by with the car going from the airport to the city I was also pleasantly reminded of my grandparent’s town, a place I hold very dear in my heart and is surrounded by an ocean of green just like Brasov.

One thing that positively struck me about Romanian people is how kind and caring they are, how open to other people and genuinely generous and hospitable. I first experienced this as my mother’s Romanian colleague gifted me some money and a dictionary after she heard I was going to spend some time in Brasov and refused to accept anything in return also providing me with the phone numbers of her friends and family nearby in case I should need help.

On the same note, I found my host mother to be one of the sweetest, most caring people I’ve ever met always making an effort to communicate with my roommates and me even though it gets a little tricky sometimes and recommending us to eat and sleep and asking if we need anything. She is also a great cook and we get to try out really tasty Romanian dishes thanks to her.
On the whole I must say I am absolutely thrilled by Romania so far and I know it will just get more and more interesting as I get to explore it and learn about it.


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My First Impressions written by Martina Umeton, Italy
My First Impressions written by Martina Umeton, Italy