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Romania Journal (written by Tiffany Granon, France)   (published in Romania)

October 13, 2014 by   Comments(1)


October 1st

Welcome to Romania.

First of all, I did not expect such a nice weather here. It is even warm when I get out of the airport. I am literally melting.

Brasov, here I am. The city is beautiful; surrounded by the hills with the colors of the fall. It feels like every picture taken could be the perfect postcard even though I am the worst photographer ever. Also, people are very, very good looking here. Most of them have dark hair and blue or green eyes, it makes me feel pretty jealous. They are really nice and helpful even though we sometimes have to struggle with the English-Romanian language. But they speak a bit of French as well, so the struggle is usually bearable even for disasters of orientation like me.

Now it is time to meet Elisabeth, my “host mom”. She is already nice to me and even very funny. And I can already tell that I am going to eat so healthy and good here, but most of all so much! Let’s just say I will postpone the diet a little.

Good night Brasov.


October 2nd

Good morning Brasov.

Breakfast is delicious and heavy of course.

Today is induction day. I get to meet an other volunteer and a member of the staff and we visit the city, go to the office, to a local restaurant (food is officially amazing here), and even get a buss pass (Wow! I feel so Romanian now). Things are definitely getting serious here.


October 4th and 5th

First Romanian weekend. We are going out every night with the volunteers – by the way, they have really good hot chocolate here!

I get to visit more of Brasov which amazes me more and more every day. I also get to visit Bran castle, aka Dracula’s castle. I have to admit that it was quite a disappointment. It is a pretty castle, but Dracula’s castle seriously lacks of Dracula history.

My first weekend in Romania is over. Already. Time goes by so quickly here. 


October 6th

Yes! Today I am becoming a big girl. First day at work in Romania.

Let’s wake up, get up, get ready, have breakfast, and… miss the bus… Sorry Georgi (she is my coordinator)!

But at the end, I get to work on time (thank you Georgi).

So welcome to Fundatia Poplars in Sanpetru. It is a day care which welcomes disabled people. I am stressed; I have no experience at all with those people.

I meet Lausia, the supervisor, and Oana, the social worker. I also meet the kids. Every one is very nice and welcoming to me. The stress is gone by now. Lausia and Oana speak English, and even a bit of French, what a relief!

So let’s start working. Oana, the social worker is taking care of me and she is involving me in every of the activities with the kids. In the morning it is gymnastic time and then Christmas balls creation. Those kids are awesome. We do not speak the same language but I feel like we understand each other. They are showing me how to sew because I do not have a clue! They are telling me so many things in Romanian and I just answer by “Da, Da”. It makes them laugh a lot. I guess I need to improve my Romanian…

The Christmas balls are going to be sold and the money will be for Poplars. They make a lot of creative stuffs so they can collect money for the foundation. Those kids are artists!

Then comes lunch time, which is also my break. I have my own sandwich but Lausia and Oana are offering me much more food as well.

After lunch, as it nice a beautiful day, it is gardening activity for the kids. They are collecting the seeds from the beans. Then comes singing time. They really like it. I am amazed by the attention and the love they receive from Oana and Lausia. Those two women are angels.

Then, back to Christmas balls. I am getting better at sewing thanks to the kids.

I am off at 5pm. I take the bus with some of the kids who are also getting back to Brasov and Oana.

Welcome back to Brasov. I am exhausted but I can already tell that I love that place and those kids. I just cannot wait for tomorrow! Dinner and sweet dreams Brasov.




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Romania Journal (written by Tiffany Granon, France)
Romania Journal (written by Tiffany Granon, France)

Have fun Tiffany! Tell Lausia I said "Hi".

Anonymous 1342 days ago