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My weekend away to Siem Reap   (published in Cambodia)

October 10, 2017 by   Comments(1)

Well I'm halfway through my third week here and still enjoying it.
This past weekend I've been to Siem reap which was incredible. On Thursday evening I took my first night bus to Siem reap and the 6 hours went surprisingly quickly! Got to our hotel at 5:30am and just sat and had a drink. At 7:00am the pool opened so we had an early morning swim which was strange because the hotel was still so quiet! In the afternoon, we went to the floating villages on a noisy colourful boat which was amazing-we took a smaller boat directly into the village and into the groves which were so peaceful and beautiful. We rode further along the river and the water opened up. There was a wooden structure in the centre of the water where people were on boats having water fights with each other!! We even saw monks having some fun! The driver asked us if we wanted to go back to our tuk tuk or go round the structure. Obviously we wanted to go round again, but of course the people on the boats recognised us so threw water at us!! It was one of the highlights of the weekend. On the way back, we sat at the front of the boat as the sun was setting.
The next day, we woke up at 4:00am to see the sunrise at the Angkor Wat temple. Unfortunately it was too cloudy to see an impressive sunrise but it was still amazing. We walked around the temple (in torrential rain) then went for breakfast which was rice...there's a lot of rice in Cambodia. We then went to Bayon Temple where on each of the towers there are different faces carved into the stone. Next was Ta Prohm Temple which was where Angelina Jolie filmed part of Tomb raider. Finally we went to Banteay Kdei which was so old and quiet which is why it was my favourite. There was nothing special about it but I think that's why I liked it the most. We went back to the hotel and just chilled by the pool since we'd been up for so long already. Later on, we went out for tea and I had a BURGER!! It was so tasty!!
For our final day we went to see the temples further away that weren't as touristy-they were all beautiful but after another full day, the 9 temples just blended into each other a little bit. In the evening we walked around the night markets which were huge! We saw stuffed crocdiles, snakes in a stick and spiders!! Got back on the night bus and came home Sunday evening.
All in all a good weekend!

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My weekend away to Siem Reap
My weekend away to Siem Reap

What a fantastic time your'll never forget this for rest of your life. Oh to be 18 again as I would definitely follow in your footsteps. Ì can't wait to see your next report on blog. Gdad

Anonymous 256 days ago