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Day 4 - Weeding the sacred garden   (published in Peru)

August 12, 2017 by   Comments(1)

it was volunteer day - I mean volunteering on something other than the archaeology project. In the write up  for the programs they say things like helping a dentist put fluoride in children's teeth. As I'm finding out the archaeological project is a bit different. As part of John's contract with the Peruvian Ministry of Culture that allows him to dig in protected areas, he and the projects abroad volunteers do some volunteer work for the Ministry. This time it was cleaning the stones in a section of one of the walls in Pikillacta (which is in the Sacred Valley) of lichen. Basically spray with water, let sit a few minutes, scrape with a wooden stick( no metal as it damages the stones) and use a tooth brush to get rid of all the debris. Time went fast especially as one of the Ministry of Culture employees stopped to speak with each of us, sharing some stories and giving us newly sharpened sticks. 11 am we wrapped up and headed back - Fridays are half days. I of course had my second 90 min Spanish lesson (with more homework) and then was off to the centre of the city to arrange some weekend exploration.

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Day 4 - Weeding the sacred garden
Day 4 - Weeding the sacred garden

Sounds fabulous

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