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Day 3 - Sacsayhuaman and the Inca Trail   (published in Peru)

August 11, 2017 by   Comments(0)

Today John, our archaeologist, took on a long hike mostly along the Inca Trail through the massive Sacsayhuaman (I'll use Sa for short) complex. Sa sits about 300 meters above Cusco and was a religious complex. There are multiple temples to various dieties. In the phito album there is a picture of the entrance in a cliff face to the moon temple where the full moon shines down through a hole in the ceiling. There are also 2 pictures of hard to make out remains of pumas form the temple of the puma- the Spanish in order to support the conversion to Catholicism destroyed the Inca images in the temples. Sa was built from massive stones - one is pictured beside John ( and the dogs - we had various dogs with opus throughout the hike) - the seam lines are near perfect between the stones and there is no mortar used. The picture of the group is where we had lunch - back side of the moon temple on stairs carved by the Inca. Wherever we could we walked the Inca trail - the roads the Inca used to transport military/food etc. There is a pic in the trees with rocks on each side giving a sense of the width and scale - there were 4 main ones that radiated out of Cusco - the centre of the Inca empire. The pic with me has Inkilltambo in the background - where we walked to - it was mainly an agricultural production and storage area to support Cusco - there are a few more pics from when we were there showing the storage area etc. Also included pictures of the terraces used for farming. Overall a lot of information learned about how the Inca society ran - helpful context for digging up their history. 

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Day 3 - Sacsayhuaman and the Inca Trail
Day 3 - Sacsayhuaman and the Inca Trail