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New opportunities   (published in Kenya)

May 20, 2014 by   Comments(0)


Canadian Sports volunteer Kate Badana this weekend attended a two day football clinic event. The event dubbed let's play was a series of events that have been held in major towns all over the country. Major sports tv super sports has been organizing the event which was started in South Africa and has been a great success there.


The aim of the event is to inspire young footballer, drills, and short football matches are held in the two days. Two top football teams spend a day each with the kids teaching them the basics of football, from kicking the ball right, formations, passes and even goalkeeping skills. The major football players also act as role models to these kids. To Sum it up all the very good kids are picked and they are later enrolled in a football academy where their skills will be bettered.


Football teams like the one Kate has been working at will also benefit from donations like footballs, boots, uniforms and any stuff they need for practice. Although they won't reap the benefits immediately these equipments that will be sourced from teams in abroad will be of big help to the local teams and will go along way in improving the young footballers skills.Projects Abroad has been doing this for it local partner Nakuru Youth Football Association, where volunteers have in the past donated football playing kits to the team.

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New opportunities
New opportunities