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The Final Countdown   (published in Madagascar)

October 13, 2016 by   Comments(5)

So here I sit, trying not to panic, stress, or worry about my upcoming trip of a lifetime, which all who know me, know that worrying, is my specialty, so I am failing miserably at trying to stay calm and focus solely on packing. So, instead of packing at this time, I am writing my first blog, to share my feelings and stress with all of you.
On tonight’s agenda, I am going through all of my clothes and making sure I have enough clothing that covers my chest, shoulders and knees, as professionals in Madagascar, do not show those areas. So, I have many maxi skirts, and capri pants to last me the two weeks I am there in the classroom! As for shirts, I am a shop-a-holic, so one would think, that I would have enough shirts that cover my shoulders, or chest. Wrong! My goodness, I never realized how many of my shirts show my shoulders or are v neck, so show a bit more than I feel is appropriate, so, thank goodness for Old Navy and their incredible sales. So, now, I have lots of skirts, shirts, a few dresses, I have a few pairs of jeans, some shorts that I can wear, when I am not in the classroom, and some tank tops. I have my bathing suit to swim in the Indian Ocean, a rain jacket, two pairs of sneakers, two pairs of sandals, and all my toiletry items.
Now that I have thought of all my clothes, time to think about other items that are necessary for this trip. I have bought chlorine tablets for when I am not with my host family, to put in my water to ensure I am not drinking water that has not been boiled or filtered appropriately. I have rehydration powder, that is full of calcium and potassium, and you just put it in your water to help ensure my body stays as hydrated as possible. I have a bug net, for myself to sleep under to keep the mosquitos away as, Madagascar is a high risk zone for Malaria, and well, I am a worrier, and would like to be over prepared and well covered. I have all of my necessary medications all set and packed, I have pictures of Maine, friends and family to show the children, I have a letter that my friend and her class wrote to the children of Madagascar. I also have flashcards, and workbook items to assist teaching English as a Second Language.
Now that I have the necessities packed, I also needed to ensure I packed things for myself to ensure I will be able to enjoy this trip more. I bought a universal adapter, to charge my phone, and I-pad. Where I have a US Cellular plan, US Cellular does not have anywhere in Madagascar that I can use my phone, so I bought an international sim card, called OneSim Plus, so, I was given a different phone number, and it will allow me to call and text as needed. I will also be right next to an internet café, where I will be able to go and write my daily blog and post a quick update to friends and family regarding my adventures. I also, have a very nice camera I am bringing to take pictures and will share them when I return. I will post hopefully a few pictures, that I take with my phone, with my daily blog.
Wow, I have a lot to put together now, so I guess I should stop procrastinating, and see what I can get done. My last thought of the night, I promise. A lot of you are wondering why I am taking this journey, or why this is a dream of mine. Well, something deep down, within my soul has always spoken to me, telling me that I need to help others and give them love and attention, the best way I know how. I have always dreamed of working in a third world Country, where love and attention, seem to go unnoticed, and well, I feel I have enough love and attention to provide to anyone that wants a piece of what I have to offer. I am doing this now, because 2016 was the worst, yet best year of my life. After 3 deaths within 2 months, a failed marriage, unexpected surgery, and just one heck of a bad start to 2016, I was determined to end my year on a good note. I have already begun my journey with self-discovery, I have found inner peace and have truly become whole heartedly happy with who I am and where I want to be in this crazy world, and along with that old friends came back into my life, many new friendships have been formed, my career is in a great spot, and now somehow, someway, I have found a man that I love with all of my heart and connects with me deep down to my soul. So, my year was a world wind, I am not where I want to be yet, but I am well on my way, and this journey to Madagascar is exactly what I need for my soul, and to help continue discovering who I personally am.

So, thank you all for your love and support as I begin this absolutely scary, but thrilling Journey to Madagascar! I look forward to sharing my daily adventures with you all. Until next time.

Peace and Love,

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The Final Countdown
The Final Countdown

you are going to so helpful there..... Enjoy your time away and dont worry..

Anonymous 554 days ago

Go get'em girl! Love you

Anonymous 554 days ago

So happy for you.

Anonymous 554 days ago

be safe

Anonymous 552 days ago

Sending good thoughts and positive energy your way!

Anonymous 546 days ago