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SECOND LAST TUESDAY OF WORK .....   (published in Tanzania)

February 21, 2012 by   Comments(0)

Trip to work was fine - no speeding tickets or the like to be handed out as the dala dala had no steam to go any faster even if it wanted to.  Jon visited us today for our second feedback session.  Ciara and I giving PA our response to certain questions regarding our Host Family Accommodation - all good - and our placement - all good.  I will be putting together a handbook worksheet for our placement explaining for future volunteers any aspects of the placement that will help them should there be no other PA volunteers at the placement to formally give them an induction.  It is a great process and to the benefit of volunteers and an ever changing updated procedure that will help make placements more beneficial for all concerned.


One question was a summation of how I feel about the PA placement and in all sincerity I feel (here's another TIP - volunteers) that should someone choose to go abroad and volunteer and live and work in any country, that they seriously do themselves a favour and dedicate a minimum of two months.  We are just finding our feet and confidence and then we will be leaving.  It's a shame and there are no regrets but should I choose to visit another country or return then I would do so for a minimum of two months for the most fulfilling experience.


We left a little early today to go into Arusha for a visit to Africafe, restock on shillings, find the Ice Creamery, visit Shoprite (huge supermarket with all Mzungu delights), check out internet cafe and other great shops, cafes in the same complex and then head out of city on a dala dala to Njoro Centre for some WiFi (apparently ran out of the coupons for the day??? - so a one hour visit to an internet cafe very close by - was a good fix) and finally the restaurants of choice for dinner.


The complex has a courtyard that is surrounded by an even more Mzungu suited supermarket (more British food items inclusive of a liquor section) and many different types of restaurants such as Chinese, Indian, Mexican, or steaks, burgers, pizzas and even fish and chips (fries).  AJ influence so I feel I should just clarify that our chips are USA fries.


Seven of us for dinner and then the ordering of food is a little confronting where a waiter from every restaurant will greet you at the table with THEIR menu and then instead of leaving you with the menu's and returning in a little while so we could scour through eight different menu's, they stood around about 30cms behind us (12 inches for the imperial countries) and they stared..... and they waited.  But 'no pressure' - much!


We did well to ignore the fact that six - eight waiters were staring us down whilst we have to make a decision on not only what type of food to eat but then what particular meal on that menu would we be eating.  Now that's not an easy task for anyone but when the pressure is on, I guess we made executive decisions much quicker than would be the norm.  We were all very happy with our meal choices and having finished eating nearly two hours ago we (at least Ciara and I) are still full to the brim!


We made it home by 8.30pm but unfortunately the phone number I had for Theofilo was not working today and he did not know where we were.  So I will have to delete that useless number so that he is not left wondering where we are again.  I feel awful but I wasn't to know and he was very understanding.


The only moan I have for the day today is that I have what seems to be a sun rash.  Other volunteers have suffered from it and they assure me it will disappear but it is like an allergic reaction to the sun but it is not from burning.  My chest is always quick to feel the heat of the sun and burn but I have been more than vigilant to apply lotion at least twice a day but the rash is getting worse NOT better.  Some sudocream is on offer from our Welsh Friends and I hope that it will help to heal the rash.  It started as if it were three mozzie bites on one side of my neck and then it has grown from the side of my neck to across my chest and moving up the other side of my neck, by the looks.  It is red, welted, itchy but then stings to touch.   I am heading for a shower and hope that some water to wash of the day's sweat and dust then afterwards apply some 'after sun lotion' that should help with the heat radiating from the rash and settle it down.


So a very short blog ..... but a blog none the less ...........

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