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May 2016

Romania, A Country of Tired Beauty (written by Christy Janssens, Canada)   (published in Romania)

May 19, 2016 by   Comments(0)

-picturesque, beautiful
-a place rediscovering itself


These are the first words I jot in my notebook upon my arrival in Romania. I’m sitting in the backyard garden of my host family’s house, attempting to untangle my thoughts and first impressions after 24 hours in this new country, but distracted by absorbing the beauty around me.

I’ve been dropped into a new place and I’m trying to distill my thoughts and impressions into the most accurate way to describe what I see around me. I’m trying to separate assumption from reality.

As a newcomer, I initially see a bit of chaos, some gothic architecture, striking simple beauty in the people and the lifestyle, and rich history surrounding me.

It’s the history part that gets me.

I take time to explore Brasov with my camera and my notebook. I take the bus and wander the streets, stopping every once in a while to snap a picture or write down another observance. It’s like I’m gathering snapshots and slivers of everything and piecing it all together into a whole picture. I’m trying to get to the heart of this place. Every culture has a collective story that, even if it is unspoken, you can catch if you pay attention to the details: buildings, memorials, habits, and, sometimes, even the eyes of the people.

Personally, I feel comfortable as a visitor here. I like this pace of life. I love the friendly people. I like exploring the streets and, for someone who deeply appreciates beauty, Romania is utterly unique in its combination of architecture and landscape and people.

But the history: it’s tumultuous and rather painful. You can feel it running in the undercurrent if you pay attention. Its history has left Romania- it’s economy and perhaps the spirit of the people- a little bruised. Salaries are low and jobs are not plentiful in this post-communist era. When I listen to people in Brasov talk about their city or their country, I get mixed answers. Some don’t care too much about the past, others are jaded, some look as though they want to be hopeful about the future but they have no real answers to boost positivity. Others are proud of their country and want to share its beauty.

My first impressions of Romania are that of a country of tired beauty. It has so much to offer; yet it is still coming into its own. There’s so much potential here.



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Romania, A Country of Tired Beauty (written by Christy Janssens, Canada)
Romania, A Country of Tired Beauty (written by Christy Janssens, Canada)

Dreadful layovers   (published in Romania)

May 9, 2016 by   Comments(2)

I started my journey this morrning. So far so good. everything has worked out perfectly. i Am currently sitting around at the vancouver airport waiting for my flight. Being an active person i can say that i am somewhat restless. With that i have another longer flight waiting for me. I do hope they have good movies to keep me entertained. Then again i do enjoy some sleep. Maybe i will just do that. sleep my way through the whole trip .. god knows that i need it after staying up all night last night. Y

Anyways the gist of things is that well i was hoping that  it would speed up a bit faster. Someone needs to invent some  teleportation device where we can  bounce from one place to another faster than our currently means of transportation. That way we wouldn't be waiting in airports on end. I think that would make things way more fun to travel. However i find that with that logic i can see some flaws. The whoel reason of traveling is to explore the road ahead of you. to open  your eyes and scout the environement around you. From the people, the sky high  in the plane looking down at the mountain or buildings to the different things you notice. I honeslty can say that i have seen some interesting people thus far. I met some interested european couple. very freindly and welcoming. The caught my attention due to what came to be swedish as i was talking to them. Very interesting.

The whole point of this is that although deadful, boring and rather tedious traveling is. You quiet meet some interest people, and see different things you wouldnt see if it was fast and fast. I encourage you to take the time and enjoy your surroudings. The may surprise you. I look forward to my trip. I am sure my eyes will be open in more than one way.

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Dreadful layovers
Dreadful layovers

A new Adventure -To Arusha,Tanzania   (published in Romania)

May 5, 2016 by   Comments(1)


In 4 days i will be traveling to Arusha, tanzania to volunteer at the Fruitful Orphanage. I am very looking foward for my trip as i have been looking at starting something new. A new adventure. And there is nothing more adventurous then traveling across the world to volunteer. I has been my long dream of going back to my homeland and do the best that i can to help those back home. I moved to canada when i was 6 years old. since then i have grown and expreinced great support from every individual that i have met along the way. It is surely an exciting journey that i am pursuing. Although i am unsure as to what expect when i arrive  at the orphanage. i am excited. I am really looking foward to meeting all the kids that i will be working with and the staff. i also am looking to using swahili again as i dont speak it as much at home as i should be. plus i will be seeing my extended family, which is where i will be staying while i am there. i am looking forward to the feeling i will get when i touch down at Julius  Njerere International airport in Dar es salaam.. A new journey starts in 4 days and i couldn't be any more happy and anxious to start it.

To africa i go to give back what i have learned thus far in my life. It will be fantastic for sure.

Nervous, happy and excited are my three feelings that are flowing in me at this time. And of course the stressful time of packing and making sure that i have everything that i need. Last minute packer right here.

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A new Adventure -To Arusha,Tanzania
A new Adventure -To Arusha,Tanzania