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April 2015

Tranquil Brasov in First Snap (written by Rachel Wong, Hong Kong)   (published in Romania)

April 30, 2015 by   Comments(0)


I came from Hong Kong, a city with numerous skyscrapers. . The population is dense, yet the connection between people is weak. Everyday city dwellers work in mundane routines to make ends meet. Longing to dodge the monotonous life, I embarked on this journey to Romania. I believe the cultural shock can enlighten me in seeing things with multi-perspective and open-mindedness, thus to embrace diversities in different communities.

Over reliance on technology is a global issue, yet I do not find it in Romania.

When a staff from Projects Abroad drove me to Brasov, I saw a lot of people walk along the main roads, and they seemed to have miles to go. Thanks to the convenient transportation network in Hong Kong, bus stops and railway stations come in handy. Even a few hundred meters walking distance could be too harsh to couch potatoes. However, these ordinary Romanians reminded me of the basics – we were born with our feet to walk, not to sit like goods on a conveyer belt and await being transported to different places. The beautiful scenery like Transylvanian forests, Tampa Mountain and blue sky remain despite the city’s development; in contrast to my city – overly exploited by urbanization. Imagine being overwhelmed by the breathtaking nature as they walk along the roads every day. That is a higher quality of life, than people in Hong Kong who own luxurious houses yet suffocated by the fast pace.

I took a walk in the center of Brasov and noticed how people get along with strangers. Romanians chit-chat with shop owners, waiters, other customers in the shop or even anyone on the street. This is extremely rare in Hong Kong. Even if it does, it only happens around the elderly. I love how people interact and connect naturally without feeling awkward. Friendly Romanians use their warmth and passion as bridges to build a cozy community without walls. In Hong Kong, ironically, smartphones become barriers in people’s communication. I once asked a friend if life was going well, she literally replied me I could browse her Instagram profile for updates without actually answering my questions. This phenomenon is truly depressing; therefore I do treasure every conversation in Brasov as Romanians show real care to others.

The history of Brasov leaves a blend of German, Hungarian and Romanian style of architecture. The ancient buildings consist of no more than five stories. Neighboring houses are of similar style yet their appearances are not mended into the same. Each of them is unique yet fits into the background harmoniously. Needless to say, iconic buildings like the Black Church and Bran
Castle adds mystery to the city. Although there are chain stores, small shops are not deprived of the chance to thrive. Traces of urbanization do not mask this old city and I can easily imagine the lives back then.

I have been in Brasov for less than a week, but I am totally in love with this city and want to live here for the rest of my life. The culture, people and architecture will make it always my favorite.


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Tranquil Brasov in First Snap (written by Rachel Wong, Hong Kong)
Tranquil Brasov in First Snap (written by Rachel Wong, Hong Kong)

Junii Brasovului Festivity   (published in Romania)

April 17, 2015 by   Comments(0)

Hristos a inviat!

This month, Brasovians have some important events to celebrate. Like every year, one of our most important festivities will be happening in the first Sunday after Easter, on the 19th of April. The city is getting ready for the most important parade of the year. The celebration is called JUNII BRASOVULUI and it represents the entering in the fortress of Romanian people living in the oldest neighborhood from Brasov (Schei Neighborhood). The 7 different groups of Juni will ride their horses in a Parade, going through the city old centre (which represents the old fortress) and stopping in the Council Square for some rituals. They greet everyone with 'Hristos a inviat!' (Jesus had resurected) and the people answer back at them with 'Adevarat a inviat!' (It is true He had resurected), as a simbol of Easter. After the parade and the rituals they would perform in te main square, the Juni together with the whole crowd will go at 'Pietrele lui Solomon',  valley between mountains, to celebrate with dancing, barbeques and local fairs in open air. 


Everyone is invited to celebrate together with them, as this festivity is a very important feature of the city of Brasov. Brasov locals. tourists, friends and families are all invited to feats along with the Junii Brasovuluii in the most important Sunday after Easter.


Let's all join the Days of Brasov and celebrate in happiness, colors and laughter!


Happy April everyone!


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Junii Brasovului Festivity
Junii Brasovului Festivity