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February 2013

Business Workshops with Chris Murphy (written by Ali Ichim)   (published in Romania)

February 11, 2013 by   Comments(0)

If we say February 2013, we say Business Workshops held by our volunteer, Chris Murphy - from America.  He prepared a series of workshops for different local high-schools, businesses, private and state universities. His lectures are called 'The Power of People', sessions through which he wants to reveal why creativity and passion are important in everything we do on a regular basis. Most importantly he talks about 'why all great things start from the heart'.


'The subject matter of my speaking series revolves around the concept of creativity and the power of ideas driven from the heart. Creativity is innate, it is something we are born with, and as we go through school, work, and life in general, we lose track of this ability. The purpose of my series is to help students realize the importance of their own creativity and passions, as all change and innovation first comes from creativity. I believe our future lies in the ability of the youth to believe in their strengths and use them to solve problems facing our world.' (Chris Murphy)


'The Power of People' series of workshops include the following sessions:


1. What motivates you?

Motivation can be split into two forms: Reactive and Proactive. Reactive motivation is drawn from outward incentives (money, title, etc.) and is a short-term view of drive. To be driven in a long-term sense requires motivation from within, where drive is not dependent upon anything but whom you are as an individual. HEART is at the origin of drive and is the start of all great things. Until we can recognize what internally drives us, we will not reach our full potential.



2. Leadership and the Employee

The traditional leadership model (pyramid scheme) for business hinders personal growth, creativity, and emotional satisfaction within the workplace. There is a growing trend that flips the pyramid on its end known as servant leadership. This form of leadership empowers employees as individuals, builds lasting relationships, and encourages proactive motivation. It acknowledges that the employee is the first point of interaction with a customer making them a very important aspect of business. With this management style, it is equally important to hire the right employees (passion over skill).



3. Relational Marketing

Businesses have developed a limited view of customers. When you see a customer as a transaction or a certain number of purchases, you immediately lose the ability to build loyalty. Customer loyalty is not just having a customer that buys from you, it’s about having one that believes in your values as a business, and will be loyal even through a negative experience. Relational marketing uses Word-of-Mouth influence, community involvement, and some forms of social media to build relationships with customers. These relationships ensure long-term stability for a business.


The first workshop was held today, being followed by a series of other two held on Tuesday and Wednesday - the 12th and the 13th of February. Each week is dedicated to one local high school, business or university. We hope his lectures will inspire youth and they will be more involved into the importance of change in Romania.

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Business Workshops with Chris Murphy (written by Ali Ichim)
Business Workshops with Chris Murphy (written by Ali Ichim)

Meet our new colleague, Georgiana   (published in Romania)

February 8, 2013 by   Comments(0)

For those of you who don't know, our care and teaching supervisor, Dani will be working in Nepal for the next aproximately 6 months. During this time, Projects Abroad Romania Team has another member of the team, Georgiana Poparad, who will take over Daniela's duties of being a Care and Teaching Supervisor.

Georgiana graduated University in 2008, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Foreign Languages. She just joined our team. She is passionate by French language and literature. She loves new challenges, meeting new people, seeing new places and taking part in new adventures. While in High school she discovered her fond of teaching and helping people. She is very sociable and eager to meet people from all over the world who volunteer with Projects Abroad in Romania.

We welcome her in the Projects Abroad Family and we hope she enjoys everything related to her work!

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Meet our new colleague, Georgiana
Meet our new colleague, Georgiana