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July 2012

Places To Visit on The Weekends By Jessica Vance   (published in Kenya)

July 14, 2012 by   Comments(0)

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While Nakuru may not be well known by those who live outside of Kenya, it offers a lot for people to see and do!  The town itself is home to Menengai Crater, Hyrax Hill and, of course, Lake Nakuru national park.  The park is famous for being one of the best places in Kenya to see white and rhinos as well as many other gorgeous animals!

                Unfortunately, the animal which Lake Nakuru is arguably best known for – the flamingo – has recently migrated away from the lake because of a lack of algae which is their main food source.  Luckily, however, the flamingos have not travelled very far!  They now reside at the nearby Lake Bogoria, giving anyone who is interested a good excuse for a nice day trip!

                Volunteers leave in the morning to first travel to Lake Baringo, since this lake is just north of Lake Bogoria.  Lake Baringo is a fresh water lake which is well known for its great variety of birds, including the Marabou stork, Paradise Flycatcher and African Fish Eagle.  During the boat tour around the lake, one is also likely to see crocodiles and hippos!  Daring volunteers can also visit the snake exhibit, home to some of the most venomous snakes native to Kenya, including the infamous Black Mamba!

                After an exciting visit to Lake Baringo, volunteers make their way to Lake Bogoria.  While the flamingos may be the main reason for your visit, the lake itself offers a beautiful view.  It’s hard to blame the flamingos for wanting to move to Lake Bogoria!  In addition to bringing a camera to capture the scenery, volunteers should also be sure to bring raw eggs.  The park is home to natural hot springs and it is tradition for visitors to bring eggs to boil in the springs and eat as a snack! 

                With all that Lake Baringo and Lake Bogoria have to offer, it is amazing to believe that the trip can fit into one day!  If you come to volunteer with us here in Nakuru, I would definitely recommend this excursion!

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Places To Visit on The Weekends By Jessica Vance
Places To Visit on The Weekends By Jessica Vance