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Ntonso   (published in Ghana)

August 24, 2010 by   Comments(7)

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One village near Kumasi that does not get nearly as much coverage as it should is Ntonso. This is the home of the Adinkra cloth.

              Adinkra, the King of Gyaman, angered the Ashanti King as he had the same Golden Stool as him. King Adinkra was slain in the early 1800s for this disrespect against the Ashanti. Many believe that this cloth was made during this time and came to be called Adinkra after the king was killed.

              The Akan word ‘nkra’ means ‘message’ or ‘goodbye’. This makes sense as Adinkra is a cloth printed with symbols that convey messages and is principally used for funeral purposes, although nowadays it is not uncommon to see people wearing it on a normal day. The first Adinkra cloth makers were supposedly three men from Ntonso.

              Ntonso has its own visitor’s centre called the Ntonso Craft Village. Here they have a museum and you can stamp your own symbols in with the tools that they give you. The guide showed me how the dye is made and already had some prepared in a pot. The symbols were carved with calabash wood and the traditional Adinkra cloth was on display. Perhaps the most famous Adinkra symbol is ‘Gye Nyame’ – ‘Except God’, telling us the omnipotence of god. These Adinkra symbol appear in Kente cloths as well, underlining the importance of Ntonso. These symbols are seen everywhere in Ghana and this village is where it was born. I find it unbelievable how little attention this place gets! The traditional colours are black and red – black displaying sorrow for the deceased, red showing anger towards an unjust death.

              The museum guide can show you around the village to show where you can collect the bark for the dye and even allow you to pound it to see how the process is performed. You can also carve your own calabash stamp so this is place is definitely worth going if you want to physically experience how the locals people make a living.


By Minato Kobori

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Indeed Ntonso should be given coverage in the media and also be recognised by the Tourist Board as one of the Tourist centres in Ghana

Anonymous 2496 days ago

im proud to hail from this village

Anonymous 1813 days ago

My hometown is indeed great .From: Akuoko Amo Kingsley.Email:

Anonymous 1750 days ago

woow the people of Ntonso should be happy at least they have got hand work by GOD but there is only one thing that can make their dream come alive is Education why am i saying this .........shall continue next time bcos am running out of time...peace

Anonymous 1648 days ago

As an African Art student experiencing the art of adinkra cloth making at Ntonso was definately worthwhile.
At least there's something of ours technology and modernisation hasn't affected.

Anonymous 945 days ago

All hail ntonso.. a royal..

Anonymous 856 days ago

I am very proud to hail from Ntonso.God bless my land

Anonymous 851 days ago