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Armed Forces Museum, Kumasi   (published in Ghana)

July 24, 2010 by   Comments(0)

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              Volunteers in Kumasi can all own up to this. Who has actually been to the Armed Forces Museum in Adum? We all see it every time we are in the centre and we all know it is there, but who has taken the time to go and visit it? I am fairly sure that no one has visited it in my two and a half months I have been here!

              So I took the initiative to go there and see what it is like. The museum is one of the easiest places to spot in the city centre. It has lots of tanks lined up just outside the entrance and it is opposite the Vodafone internet cafe the all volunteers go to. The entrance fee of 7 cedis seemed to be a lot, and on top of that I had to pay 2 cedis to take photos. I paid it as there was no turning back!

              I was not disappointed. In fact I really enjoyed the tour of the museum. It lasted two and a half hours and I could not have asked for a more thorough guide. The museum is actually pretty big and it has lots of different rooms, along with the prison cells and secret money storage room. The museum is built into the Kumasi Fort, which is why it is not just a museum, but a historical site. It focuses largely on the British-Asante wars in which many were won by the Asantes. It housed all sorts of weapons used in those wars, the old medals and badges and lots of photos taken in those days.

I learnt about the Ghanaians fighting the Japanese in Burma, which I must confess I did not know about. Old Japanese weapons and devices were kept in the museum.

              I won’t write too much more as I want volunteers to go and visit it and learn more about the history of the Asantes! I definitely think it is worth a visit.


By Minato Kobori

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Armed Forces Museum, Kumasi
Armed Forces Museum, Kumasi