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Perspective of a host Mum   (published in Fiji)

March 28, 2011 by   Comments(3)

The host family experience plays a really important part in the whole experience of volunteering abroad and living with a local family.  You get the kind of insight into the local culture that most regular tourists don’t have the opportunity to experience.  We often get reviews from our volunteers about our host families, so I thought it’d be nice to hear about it from a host Mum’s perspective.  It is clear from the volunteers comments that she is a very popular host mum, so I spoke to Shabreen Abadan myself to see what she enjoys most about hosting our volunteers.

“I have been hosting Projects Abroad volunteers for about 18 months now, and have had 15 in total so far. In my house there is myself, my husband Tufel, and my 7 year old son Tashkeel who attends Mt St Mary’s Primary School. What I enjoy most about hosting volunteers is being able to welcome them as part of my family and learn about them and their cultures. I like teaching them to cook Indian food as they seem to really love the food I cook. I take them shopping and show them where to pick up a bargain! Most of all I love sharing stories with them and spending time with them, and from the moment they arrive they become a part of my family. I have made friends from all over the world and am still in touch with all of my past volunteers. I love being a host and I hope to continue doing it for many years to come. My house isn’t the same without volunteers in it!“


    Shabreen with son Tashkeel and Husband Tufel.


Thanks for being such a wonderful host mum and providing our volunteers with a ‚home away from home’.

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Perspective of a host Mum
Perspective of a host Mum

She really is the best host mum!!It was my first real time away from home but i never once wished i was anywhere else Shabreen and her family make u feel every bit apart of them! It was an amazing trip n I feel like Ive got a real second family for life <3

Anonymous 2396 days ago


Anonymous 2396 days ago


I absolutely agree with the past comment.. :) Shabreen is the host mother any volunteer could wish to have: very welcoming, warm, amazing cook (special award to her roti ;) now u know who is commenting shabreenita :p:p ) 
Shabreen loves spending time with her volunteers and loves knowing things about their life, you can talk about anything with her there are no "tabou" topics..!
Also if you grow close to someone she will welcome this person as part of the family and will probably grow very close to him/her too :)
But shabreenita isn't the only great person that should be thanked, she also has an amazing husband who loves knowing about volunteer's culture and who is as friendly as shabreen. And let's not forget about my little tashtoush (her son tashkeel) that I consider like one of my little brother and who wouldn't be the same without his whims! And if you are a future volunteer you MUST know that tash is absolutely FOND of sweets or "lollis" as we call them there in Fiji..!!
I miss you all so much and cannot wait to come and spend some time with you (and cook roti with you shabreenita :):) )
xxxxx C


Anonymous 2396 days ago