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First week in Fiji by Jordan Chick   (published in Fiji)

March 22, 2011 by   Comments(1)


I'm about to complete my first whole week in Fiji! On one hand the time has flown by whilst on the other I feel like I've been here for ages!

My host family are very kind and friendly. Lanieta (my host mum) and her husband are very generous and always ask me "Would you like your dinner now or later?". I keep telling them I don't mind, but they keep asking.. Their daughter Chantelle does a lot of the cooking and is responsible for most of the housework despite being in the equivalent of year 12!

The Nadi District School is like nowhere I've ever been before. It's laid out very similarly to state schools at home with individual buildings for each grade. I'm with Class 6 (8/9 yr olds) but I spend the afternoons with random classes as my class has Fijian reading and writing (which I'm unsurprisingly useless at). A typical day will have me teaching everything from 8am until lunch, including homework checking, maths, oral english, written english and a rotation subject of either health science, elementary science or social studies. Below is a photo of my class in their health science lesson copying down my wicked eye diagram.

There's new volunteers arriving every week which is great. You can normally find them all hanging out at Bulaccino's (a cafe opposite my house), the Hilton Hotel (where we can pretend to be guests and use their pool and towels) or Ed's Bar (not on school nights, of course!). I'm looking forward to exploring some of the islands in the coming weeks so hopefully I'll have some great beach/kayak/hammock photos for my next post!
And don't worry, I'm missing home heaps too! I'm looking forward to having lots of photos to share and offering plenty of advice on the best island trips and Nadi hot-spots! :P


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First week in Fiji by Jordan Chick
First week in Fiji by Jordan Chick

hi jordan,
my name is claire woods,
i worked at nadi district school in february this year, such beautiful people! i had class 7A
give my love to the kids!
enjoy your time there it will  be the best thing that you've ever done in your life and take advantage because you'll really miss it when you go home.

Anonymous 2350 days ago