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Suva transport   (published in Fiji)

March 20, 2011 by   Comments(0)

As promised, following on from the Nadi one, here is the Suva guide to transport...


Mini Buses (Vans)

To and from Suva, the fastest mode would be the local mini buses (or vans) that seat up to 9 -13 passengers and leave from each town on a fill-up basis. Fares are at a standard of FJD1.70 each way (from Nausori). They easily fill up during the peak travelling times (morning 6.30am – 8.30pm) where you will have to fight your way in to get a seat. Vans normally run throughout the evening and late at night.


Taxis are readily available around the towns at most times and are generally willing to take passengers to any location.  It is important to ensure the driver puts the metre on for all rides.  For rides during the day, the metre will start at $1.50 and at night, the metre will start at $2.00.


Although taxis have lights on the top (which easily identify them as taxis), whether the light is on or off has no connection to whether the cab is free or not.  Taxis can be waved down on the side of the road as in the UK.


Taxi’s can also be booked (although this is not always reliable) or called for at the time (if the taxi stand has taxis available at the time of calling).



Buses are a cheap and easy way to get around costing between $0.70 - $1.40 depending on the distance.  All buses start and finish in the main bus station in central Suva and Nausori. There are some express buses (those that don’t stop at every other stop) that also run between Suva and Nausori. The last bus tends to be at around 9pm in the evening.


Buses can be a great experience as most of them have no windows and music pumping as loud as a night club.




By Chinnamma Reddy

Projects Abroad Suva Coordinator

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Suva transport
Suva transport