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Local Transport costs in Nadi   (published in Fiji)

March 2, 2011 by   Comments(0)



There are various modes of transport to get around town, and the relevant ones for getting to and from your accommodation and your placement will be explained and shown to you during your induction.  This is an approximate price guide to help you get around.  Please note that prices may be subject to change.


Buses run up and down the Queens road so if you are living in Namaka or Martintar you can take any of the buses heading in the direction of town, and they will end up at the bus station in Nadi Town.  If you are heading out of town to Martintar or Namaka, you can either take the bus from the station, or from the bus stop opposite the Mobil garage (outside Mamas Pizza).  Most of them will be heading up the Queens road and will probably say Airport or Lautoka (make sure you don’t get the Denarau bus!).  Going to Nawaka, you can get them from the bus station.  Going to Denarau, you can wait for the bus at the stop opposite Mobil, or on the other side of the bridge by the roundabaout.  Buses are less frequent after about 7pm.

Nadi Town – Martintar:                     FJ$0.70                 

Nadi Town – Namaka:                      FJ$1.00

Martintar – Namaka:                         FJ$0.70

Nadi Town – Denarau:                       FJ$1.00

Nadi Town – Nawaka:                       FJ$0.70



These generally run the same routes as the buses and will stop at any bus stop.  If you are getting it from the side of the road they normally flash their lights at you to say they have space, so you can then signal for them to stop.  If you are in Nadi Town after the regular buses stop running, you can get a minivan to Martintar/Namaka from outside Jacks on the main street in town.


Nadi Town – Namaka/Martintar:    FJ$1.00                 

Nadi Town – Denarau:                   FJ$1.00

Nadi Town – Nawaka:                   FJ$0.70



All taxis should run on a metre which will start at FJ$1.50.  Many taxis do however claim not to have one or that it’s broken, and will try and charge a fixed price as they usually earn more that way.  Always ask the driver to turn on the metre, but if there is no metre you must agree a price before you get in.  Approximate prices for a Taxi without a metre are as follows:


Nadi Town – Martintar:                     FJ$3.00

Nadi Town – Namaka:                      FJ$4.00

Martintar – Namaka:                         FJ$3.00

Nadi Town – Denarau:                       FJ$7-10.00

Nadi Town – Nawaka:                       FJ$3.00

Sometimes you can get shared taxis, particularly up and down the Queens Road, to and from Nawaka, and sometimes to and from Denarau (if you wait on the corner by the roundabout at the end of the Denarau road).  The price is almost always FJ$1, but do double check this when you get in. BEWARE, if you ask a hotel in Denarau to call you a taxi to get back to town, they will charge FJ$15.  It’s better to wait at one of the bus stops there until something comes by.    

PS.  The Suva transport guide will follow shortly.


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Local Transport costs in Nadi
Local Transport costs in Nadi