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Wednesday the 29th of February, first day at the orphanage   (published in Sri Lanka)

February 29, 2012 by   Comments(2)

Today already a lot of new experiences, in the morning at breakfast the little house-gekko was on my leg, iek! Normally we work from 9-12hrs at the orphanage to do sports & games. From 12-15hrs we have lunch-free time (at our guesthouse). From 15-18hrs we have to teach the children English (in 3 groups - levels).

This morning we went to the orphanage, but no kids! Last week there was chicken-pocks in the orphanage and all the kids were helping cleaning the orphanage...therefor we went to the shop to buy paper for school (there is nothing available for the children, we all have to bring this with us ourselves). But after lunchtime, at 15hrs we were back at school to teach them. So nice, the kids come in the classroom and say "Hello Teacher". I have done a short introduction of myself and the kids as well. Some can speak very good English some not...they only recognize numbers or letters. We have done some tests with the kids to see how far they are, it is good to know because than we can adapt the programm to their own level. Very exhausting afternoon, but really great to do! The children are so thankfull, this gives you a very good feeling.

Now I am sitting in my bedroom and see a gekko sitting on the wal, right above my bed :-( I really hate this kind of animals, but we do have a musquito nett! I will manage.

The rest of the evening we will prepare the lessons for tomorrow, so a lot to the way, I am already burned in my neck by the sun, it is 32° very very warm with a very high humidity.

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Wednesday the 29th of February, first day at the orphanage
Wednesday the 29th of February, first day at the orphanage

hoi diana ,al een beetje gewend,hier gaat alles zijn gangetje groetjes maria

Anonymous 2057 days ago

he toppertje ,let goed op je zelf . Blijf vooral goed drinken .Liefs de Brammetjes

Anonymous 2057 days ago