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Experience of Michele Capecchi   (published in China)

September 8, 2010 by   Comments(0)

"Being here is one of the most productive experience in my professional life. Mr. Giacopello, the Italian lawyer has become a friend for me. During the last 20 days, after he came back from Italy, I had the chance to work with to him in several business projects.

The IP part of my "training" was good too. I was supported by the help of the Chinese colleagues. They have been always available to answer my questions (and believe me....I ask a loooot of questions when it's a question of doing my job in the right way) and they even started involving me more in researches and other legal activities, like participating to an under cover evidence research against a Trademark infringer.

This week I had the chance to make a presentation to the whole office, a 40 min introduction, 60 powerpoint slades, regarding the European System of Protection of Trademarks, that they didn't know at all. Apparently they liked the presentation, since they asked me to email them a copy of my work.

In this last days I will be busy with the preparation of a 3/4 pages of introduction to the Well Known trademarks in China.....All this while I will work on new business strategies to penetrate the Chinese and Italian market with our law firms.

In few words...I am exhausted.....But in a good way. Shanghai is a terrific experience not only for a college students (looking for some experience during the summer) but also for after-grads and professionals like me, willing to give an extra gear to their jobs at home."

By Michele Capecchi-an Italian volunteer

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Experience of Michele Capecchi
Experience of Michele Capecchi