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Yatiris on line (By Mariel Torrez M. Desk Officer Bolivia)   (published in Bolivia)

May 25, 2011 by   Comments(0)

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Globalization is everywhere and it doesn’t matter where you are, living in an apartment in New York or in small cottage in the middle of the Andes you will find it. Who can tell it better the newest phenomenon in Bolivian face books: yatiris online? A new application which unravels through a computer the mysterious messages of the coca leaves. You don’t need to visit those wise man called yatitirs to get your answer from the almighty spirits, you just have to click on the right place and your forecast is done!!

Of course, for many people this is a joke, something similar to the famous “Eight ball”. Funny but not serious. Besides who can tell you that Mark Zuckerberg is not behind those messages? Just kidding. I am not with the traditionalist. If I don’t have time I check yatiris on line, for laughing, for advise, for entertaining purposes, but I have time I talk a walk for the Witches Alley in the popular market of La Pampa and consult a real and certificated aymara fortune teller. My advice for foreign people, try both of them, on line and real ones. Who knows, maybe the message of the coca leaves doesn’t care about the media and like everything else in this world they got globalized.


* Yatiri is a wise man for the aymaras who have the ability to read the hidden messages of the coca leaves.

* Aymaras are one of the indigenous nations that live Bolivia.

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Yatiris on line (By Mariel Torrez M. Desk Officer Bolivia)
Yatiris on line (By Mariel Torrez M. Desk Officer Bolivia)