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May 2014

Nutrition Day in Villa Esperanza Orphanage!   (published in Bolivia)

May 30, 2014 by   Comments(0)

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This week was celebrated the Nutrition Day, and the French volunteers in destination that are working on our Care Program, Ludovic Supiot, Fanny Gachet, and Philippine Rein, organized a Nutrition Workshop for the children of Villa Esperanza Orphanage.

The first step was to provide to the volunteers enough information about nutrition facts and vitamins. Our medical supervisor, Rocio, was in charge of this informative session.

Afterwards the volunteers prepared their teaching material and organized a question game to be sure that the children learn the most important points about nutrition.


Once they finish with this, the volunteers and our care supervisor went to the local market to buy fruits to make a delicious fruit salad for the final part of the workshop.

The presentation day arrived and volunteers were ready. They even wore vegetables costumes to get the attention of the children.

It was really great to see results after such hard work. The children enjoyed activity and learnt about nutrition. Well done guys!


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Nutrition Day in Villa Esperanza Orphanage!
Nutrition Day in Villa Esperanza Orphanage!

Mother's Day in Bolivia   (published in Bolivia)

May 23, 2014 by   Comments(0)

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Next Tuesday will celebrate Mother's Day in Bolivia and we want to use this opportunity to congratulate our host moms and the moms of our staff for all their support. We couldn't do this without you! Happy Mother's Day! Hope you like the small present that we prepared for you!

Our "eco-friendly" present for Mother's Day: small plants and cards made with recycled materials.


The "moms" of our staff. Happy Mother's Day girls!

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Mother's Day in Bolivia
Mother's Day in Bolivia

First meetings - Soccer fans across the world   (published in Bolivia)

May 16, 2014 by   Comments(0)

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Whenever we have volunteers, we always do our best to facility them their integration to their placement. First meeting are always crucial.

However there are some programs on which a common passion, shared by volunteers and local people, results very handy.

This is case of our soccer program. Not while ago we took a new volunteer from Norway to Real Cochabamba Soccer Academy and he was very quickly bombarded by soccer questions right after a polite: what's your name.

“Where are you from? What's your favorite team? What position do you play? I like this player, do you? What team is from your country?”

As you can see first meetings are not that hard… sometimes 



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First meetings - Soccer fans across the world
First meetings - Soccer fans across the world

Getting back on the horse!   (published in Bolivia)

May 7, 2014 by  

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A new month brings new volunteers to meet and work with, and this time we're specialy glad to welcome a new volunteer for our Equine Therapy program after a long break.

Selja Deinboll arrived a couple of days ago from Norway to join us on this particular program in order to get a new perspective of life since she is planning on changing careers once she returns to her country.

She is very excited about this new start and so are the people the Tunari Equine Centre because they were waiting for new volunteer to kick out the project again.

The children's parents that are benefited by the free equine therapy provided at this centre are the most enthusiastic of all not to mention their kids who were looking forward to getting back on the horse again!



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Getting back on the horse!
Getting back on the horse!