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March 2012

The motor home surprise   (published in Bolivia)

March 29, 2012 by  

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Be a traveler is something completely different of a person who just travels. The person who travels can’t wait the moment when finally will get to his destination whereas the ultimate traveler enjoys being on the road as much as arriving wherever is supposed to get.


From the very moment I got an email from Heide and Marion, two German ladies, I knew that they belong to this second specie. How to explain then that two ladies, in their 60’s, were planning to drive a motor home across South America as if they were driving to the nearby store for getting some milk.

I must confess that as a local who knows the extreme conditions of the roads in this part of the world I was particularly anguished when I first heard their plan, and that I waited anxiously every e mail of them as if they were S.O.S. signals, so when -after several months of suspense- I finally met them, I was pleasantly surprised discovering that my two mysterious pen pals were just as I thought they will be:  kind, eclectic, and full of surprises.

They’ve managed to bring here a load of soft toys, papers, colors, paint brushes collected among their friends for the orphan children we work with.

They were very organized (you could guess from the very beginning that this wasn’t their first time), so it didn’t take us so long to set up everything and watch the happy smiles of Ciudadela SEDEGES children when they discovered what these travelers had brought for them.

No more words, just enjoy the pics.

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The motor home surprise
The motor home surprise