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First time I got to a computer in 2 weeks!!   (published in Jamaica)

May 18, 2011 by   Comments(0)

Hi everyone!!!!

I have been in the lush tropical bubble that is Jamaica for two weeks now and this is the first time I've managed to get to a computer to type about my adventures!  Am sitting in the little internet cafe in Mandeville sipping my soursop juice (new favourite drink that I ill be devastated to leave when I come back to England!)

Between some crazy tropical rainstorms (rainy season) and my first ever earthquake on Tuesday (hopefully one and only!)  I'm having the most fantabulous time teaching music to my lovely Grade 5 and 6 students at McIntosh Memorial Primary school.  This weeks lessons have been learning all about the instruments of the orchestra- as many of the students often only really get to hear reggae, dancehall and some chart songs, I as really nervous teaching them about things which I didnt have a clue how they would react to but for the most part they've been amazing!

Today (despite having a bit of an Anna: cold sneezes can probably be heard across the pond!) have spent 2 hours teaching students about the orchestra using paper models of each instrument to make our own paper orchestra and then taking the graduation students for their singing class :)  Also I help with the lovely school choir and I had my first crazy spotlight moment where I had to play the piano for their big song at church on Sunday... never been to a Methodist church before.... interesting!  

Have also been able to take trips out ith volunteer and lovely new Jamaican friends!  Major beach hoedown last weekend at Negril.  Imagine your stereotypical Caribbean beach and sunset and times it by 10 and that is how stunning it was- white sands, crystal seas with a large portion of jerk chicken... ultimate yum.  Am desperately trying not to put wieght on over here but am feeling myself sink further into my slimy depths of podgedom with all the delicious patties, rice and peas, jerk chicken and curry going on! aahhhhhh  oh well- i vigourously do a lovely walk to school most morning in a sort of attempt to stay fit!

I will attempt to write again soon- lots of love to everyone back home... I am off to aerobics class! :)


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First time I got to a computer in 2 weeks!!
First time I got to a computer in 2 weeks!!