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Mexico Mission Trip Overall   (published in Bolivia)

April 15, 2017 by   Comments(1)


Saturday moring after a week of building houses is bittersweet.

The week in Mexico is different than a week in Los Alamos, NM. For some (definitely myself) you are out of your comfort zone during this week. 

  • Alarm clocks - no need for them in Mexico b/c at 6:15am guitars and singing are your alarm clock
  • Showers - solar shower or baby wipes
  • Food - AMAZING. I swear I put on weight during this week because of the food
  • SAND EVERYWHERE - no matter how much you try and get the sand out of your things you will manage to find more when you get home

This year we were able to build 3 houses for 3 wonderful families. :) Quite a tough week but totally worth it. See you again in 2018, Mexico!

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Mexico Mission Trip Overall
Mexico Mission Trip Overall

Very awesome Samara! Keep up the good, hard work! Cant wait to see more pics. We are missing you... I am missing you the most! Take care and keep the blogs/pics coming :)
-Vanessa G.

Anonymous 354 days ago