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Mexico Mission Trip - Day 5   (published in Bolivia)

April 15, 2017 by   Comments(0)


On Friday, we were the dirt – Stucco Day and handing off the keys!

Making the stucco is much like how me made the concrete, only we use different materials. With stucco, we are mixing sand and lye together. The end product should have the consistency of frosting. After we applied one coat we had to wait 2-3 hours until we continued. While we waited for the first coat to dry we talked to the families to see what they were going to use the house for, etc. The house was going to be a kitchen in one room and the son’s room in the other. After applying the second coat and smoothing it out it was time to hand off the keys and say goodbye. This is will tug at your heart, the family is so grateful and there are always tears going left and right. After we hand off the keys, we pack everything off and head back to camp for one last night.

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Mexico Mission Trip - Day 5
Mexico Mission Trip - Day 5