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I'm going to South Africa!   (published in South Africa)

May 11, 2017 by   Comments(0)

For the last several months I have been yapping about how I quite fancy doing something over the summer. Since I am lucky enough to have a few weeks off and I'm going back to University to do my PGDE in August, which will be  a crazy year,  I thought . . .why not go on an adventure?! 

Well over the Easter holiday I FINALLY put my money where my mouth is and applied to volunteer with Projects Abroad . . . and I was accepted! The ball got rolling pretty quickly and this week the flights were booked and finalised! So it's officially happening. I am going to Cape Town, South Africa this summer for 4 weeks!!  

I'll be taking part in a Care project in Cape Town. Spending my days helping in creche's, playgroups and after school clubs for the little kidders who've had a bit of a rough time. Just a good excuse to play about like a fool for a month without judgement I suppose!  During my time there I will be living with a host family too as well as other volunteers.  I've had a small taste of travelling back when I was 18 and the relationships and memories that I made from those 4 weeks are still with me to this day so I am definitely looking forward to creating some more memories with a new crowd.  

I've never done ANYTHING like this before and the idea of travelling so far on my own is ever so slightly scary! (The fact I will be flying on my own is enough to make me nervous right now!)  But it has been said that the greatest things are on the other side of terror. SO why not? Just . . . why not? 

So feel free to follow me with this blog if you'd like. I'll keep you posted with any progress, adventures and, let's face it, probable mishaps with any good entertainment value.

Here goes nothing . . .  

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I'm going to South Africa!
I'm going to South Africa!