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First week of building   (published in Kenya)

August 5, 2016 by   Comments(2)

        Today was the fourth day working on the project in Kenya. Our project is making bathrooms for Vision Star school, because they don't have any. We have made very good progress on our project. There are also four other local construction workers telling us what to do! We work on the project in the mornings and then in the evenings it is fun time in Kenya. We play with the kids from Vision Star school quite a bit. They love singing songs and saying poems. Their ages are from 3 to 7. There is 105 students at the school with three different classrooms and three teachers. Another place we went after work was Furaha Foundation. This is a place where orphaned children go. There are many children of all ages. We made paper airplanes and they had never seen that before so they thought that was pretty cool. The boys and I had a competition to see who could fly theirs the farthest. An eight year old boy named Kevin won. He was my little buddy! We also bathed the small children before bed time. On the third day we went to Mama Kenya and learned about the Kenyan culture. So far my experience here has been amazing and I am excited to get the toilets done so the children have a sanitary place to go to the bathroom!

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First week of building
First week of building

Thank you Jayda for taking your time to interact with my people. Apart from the services your team provides, the moments you share with the children means so much to us all. Have fun!!

MO Zachary

Anonymous 632 days ago

Thank you for the good work you are doing. great initiative.

Anonymous 609 days ago