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First few days of work   (published in Ecuador)

November 11, 2017 by   Comments(1)

What a fabulous first few days of work.  We've been doing a variety of tasks from clearing vegetation  for reforestation, preparing soil, removing non endemic invasive species, cleaning a beach and my favourite so far feeding and cleaning the pond for the giant tortoises. 

Yesterday it was an early start to record sea lion numbers on the beach with frigate birds overhead.  Then off to cut food for the tortoises and feed them.  Followed by a walk to a beautiful beach. Then we swam in the sea with tortoises, seals, a ray and a pelican all coming to join us. It is such a special place and the wildlife is so abundant.  Sea lions, marine iguanas, frigate birds, Darwin's finches are all so common. The animals are not frightened of you and come close,  but you are requested to keep 2 metres away from them so that you don't impact on their behaviour.

After a physically hard few days at work I'm looking forward to exploring the area and taking photographs of the wildlife over the weekend.

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First few days of work
First few days of work

Hi Jane, glad you had a good journey and arrived safely. It all sounds idyllic and you're obviously going to get lots of exercise in the sun. Your digs sound OK too and someone to make a meal is always a bonus after a hard day. Not much happening here, Blackpool tomorrow. Sheila seems OK. Averil has gone sick from the shop and not knowing what was going on re Tack and Chat we booked a room at the Quaker House for last Wednesday. Following that we've all been banned from the shop, Carol and I got thrown out yesterday, wouldn't even let us buy fabric. You couldn't make it up! Carry on having a fab time and enjoy.

Anonymous 254 days ago