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Arrival   (published in Ecuador)

November 8, 2017 by   Comments(0)

Journey to Columbia was uneventful and surprisingly easy I don't know why I was worried Wendy Porter.  However the flight from Bogota was delayed and from my basic Spanish we had to wait for a second plane and then had a medical emergency over Quito, possibly a heart attack. Fortunately a doctor on board and wasn't too bad after oxygen etc.

As soon as I arrived in Ecuador it all felt wonderfully upbeat from the people to the music.  I'm now on San Cristobsl Island 1000km off the coast of Ecuador.  Had a brief introduction and then walk round the town.  Sea lions and pups all over the beach, about 30 marine iguanas, lots of red crabs on the black rocks and cacti everywhere it's going to be wonderful. 

Fellow volunteers from UK,  France, Japan, Denmark, Holland  etc. Good to meet them and the very cheerful Geovanna, William and Jose from Projects abroad.

Sorry photos taking ages to upload. Will try another day.

Off to look after and feed the giant tortoises tommorow at 7am.

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