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Aug 15   (published in Peru)

August 16, 2017 by   Comments(0)

The six new volunteers joined today making for a big group and standing room only on the bus ride to Pikillacta. We started with a tour of the small museum a short distance from our dig site. Surprisingly they have 2 dinosaur skeletons on display here. One found at Pikillacta which used to be a huge lake/marsh in prehistoric times and one found in Cusco sent here for display( see pics).

The dig progressed with finishing the measurements and then everyone focusing on the removal of the top layer of soil. Found five pieces of ceramics and had a good intro to identification of ceramics with John at lunch. Making progress.

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Aug 15
Aug 15

Het avontuur wacht, maar niet zo lang meer!   (published in Tanzania)

August 15, 2017 by   Comments(0)

Het leek telkens nog zo ver weg dat ik samen met Kiki naar Tanzania ga. Langzaam begint het nu toch echt door te dringen dat het eigenlijk nog maar een paar weken zijn, want het zijn niet eens 2 maanden meer! Dus nu wordt het echt tijd om weer wat voorbereidingen in te plannen wat vooral betekent veel info lezen, afspraak bij de huisarts, checklist nagaan, Volunteer Advisor mailen met vragen, etc. 

Volgende week begint voor Kiki het nieuwe schooljaar in groep 3 dus dan gaan we ook met de juf overleggen wat we er in de klas aan kunnen gaan doen. Gelukkig ken ik de nieuwe juf al een tijdje en weet ik dat zij ons avontuur helemaal ziet zitten dus dat komt wel goed. Verder wil ik nog op zoek naar wat tips om Kiki goed voor te bereiden en hoop ik van een ander gezin te horen hoe zij het bij het Maasai project hebben gehad. 

Vorige week hebben we in Frankrijk nog op de camping cakejes gebakken en verkocht voor het project. Die waren zo op en we kregen nog fooien :). De sponsoracties hebben bij elkaar niet heel veel geld opgebracht, maar dat was ook niet het doel: het was vooral erg leuk om samen te doen en goed voor de betrokkenheid. Misschien komt er nog een spontane actie. (Mocht je nog een bijdrage willen geven, kan dat via de fondsenwervingspagina).

Lieke en Kiki 

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Het avontuur wacht, maar niet zo lang meer!
Het avontuur wacht, maar niet zo lang meer!

Week 2 at Pikillacta   (published in Peru)

August 15, 2017 by   Comments(0)

Each day we go to Pikillacta starts with a bus ride of about 30 min which usually includes at one of the stops a woman hopping on the bus to sell loaves of bread. At the site we haul all the excavation supplies to a "base camp" and set up a tent to provide some shade for breaks and lunch.

Today there were 6 of us as one of the volunteers got an infection from a thorn in the leg while at Machu Pichu on the weekend. We started with cleaning weeds and debris from around all of the rocks so that we could start the mapping of the location of each rock in great detail. With the debris cleared it was easier to see the potential outline of where 2 walls  of buildings might be. While not all the mapping was completed in certain sections we were able to start to carefully remove the earth around the parts that might be walls to see whether there is more evidence to support this - having just started we're not sure yet. I did find my first piece of ceramics - John expects we will find a fair bit. Back at it tomorrow when we are joined by 6 new volunteers.

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Week 2 at Pikillacta
Week 2 at Pikillacta

Pisac and back   (published in Peru)

August 15, 2017 by   Comments(0)

For Sunday I hired a cab to take me to the market at Pisac and then up to the Inca ruins. The market was huge and I likely covered only a third of it in 90 min. There is a good mix of touristy vendors, artisans and locals from the area selling food and produce. Haggling is expected and while I'm sure I didn't get the best deal i was getting the rhythm by the time I left. The Pisac ruins served multiple purposes for the Inca. The hike to the top of the watch tower is well worth the amazing view (see pics). A good half day trip.

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Pisac and back
Pisac and back

Test Run   (published in Ghana)

August 14, 2017 by   Comments(0)

Hi there!

I'm still about two weeks out from my trip to Ghana, so unfortunately this post is going to be rather uneventful. I just wanted to make sure my family and friends are able to see this, as well as share how excited (and nervous, but mostly excited) I am! I'll be participating in the social work internship, and can't wait to learn more about my placement details. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Ghana, and am really looking forward to seeing it for myself. As of now, I've gotten all my shots and paperwork taken care of, so all that's left is to pack and start counting down the days.



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Test Run
Test Run

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