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A Special Gift for Rincon de la Vieja's Pupils!!   (published in Costa Rica)

November 21, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Good Morning Everyone!!!! Today I want to share with all of you these nice photos of Therese Vestergaard and Katharina Lenz , volunteers of the teaching program.

They were part of a nice day at the Rincon de la Vieja's school , where they shared a pretty day with them. The idea was born when Gibert the teacher of the school looked for a motivation strategy in order to make his pupils work in class, as part of this he told them " if you behave in a good way and study a lot for the exams you will have a special gift, which is a volunteer visit from a different country". Thanks a lot to our volunteers for being part of this special time with this school with economic needs, thanks for such a great job!.

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A Special Gift for Rincon de la Vieja's Pupils!!
A Special Gift for Rincon de la Vieja's Pupils!!

The World Design Capital showcase and National Development program event   (published in South Africa)

November 21, 2013 by   Comments(0)

I have previously discussed about the World Design Capital and now the Projects Abroad building project along with the building manager was invited the National Development Program (NDP) show case. It is a 3 day event which overall shows the future plans for South Africa and how the NDP will affect the country. 

I was invited to join in this event to document and learn about the amazing project. The first day explained in detail about how the discussion of the NDP is over and the era of implementation is in place. I had the amazing opportunity to meet some people that really have put their 100% into changing the country and trying to eradicate poverty. There are amazing projects and companies to stop corruption in South Africa which I took to heart. 

We then had the opportunity to join workshops that helped the community. I was personally proud to be a part of projects abroad and their aim to help the disadvantaged communities in South Africa. The first day was innervating and a great introduction to the event. Tomorrow is going to be the projects abroad building project showcase which is going to be amazing. Stay tuned for great feedback about tomorrow.

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The World Design Capital showcase and National Development program event
The World Design Capital showcase and National Development program event

Hardwork and Enthusiasm Builds Volunteers!!!   (published in Jamaica)

November 21, 2013 by   Comments(0)

The streets busied with taxi operators who hurried to secure passengers for their route.

It was about 7:05 in the morning.

As I walked towards the Comfort Taxi stand, I saw Martin, who was already waiting for the other Building Volunteers. We exchanged the morning greeting and had a bit of laughs until the others began making their way to our spot. Percy, the hands on building supervisor, appeared from a taxi and hailed us with his usual “Percy” greeting, “Heeeeeyyyy Everybody!” We all returned the gesture with similar enthusiasm. Unfortunately, not all the building volunteers were headed in the same direction this morning. Kristy and Pim were on their way to Cheapside, St. Elizabeth; they were going to finish the paint job on the banisters which were installed on Bill’s house. The rest of us would be catching taxis to Bilby, Christiana to continue working on Mr Johnson’s house.

There was a slight concern though, what would be on the menu for the day? The response came from Daniel, “Dumplings!” So, while some of the volunteers remained and kept an eye on the bags, Percy, Brian, Daniel and Pim made their way across the road to the supermarket. They came back with a black scandal bag which contained, 4 pounds of white flour, a small parcel of salted fish and 1 onion! Other snacks were bout and each person received a tangerine, as their fruit-to-go!

We said our goodbyes to Kristy and Pim and headed for the taxi park where we all hopped into one car. We were off. It was a tight squeeze but we were comfortable. Time flies when the conversations are great! We arrived in the town of Christiana and no sooner than we exited one taxi, another was present to take us to the house of Mr Johnson.

The road meandered and got bumpy ...

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Hardwork and Enthusiasm Builds Volunteers!!!
Hardwork and Enthusiasm Builds Volunteers!!!

Working at the Equine Therapy program in Bolivia!   (published in Bolivia)

November 21, 2013 by   Comments(0)

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Receiving first volunteers for a project it's always an adventure, not only for the volunteer, but also for us as we discover together many things that we hadn't imagined.

This is the case of Ria Dam, the first Equine Therapy volunteer in Bolivia. Her story began one year ago when she decided to take a leave from her regular job as psychologist in Netherlands and travel to South America to combine her passion for animals and children in one volunteering experience.

Ria told us on interview soon to be published all the things that she discovered about herself during these months, and that she learnt to rely on herself even more thanks to the relaxed and free way to do things of Bolivians.

In fact, she made many friends among the staff members of her placement, Tunari Equine Therapy Centre, including the children and parents with whom she worked.

Now that she is leaving, Ria encourages others to join the Equine Therapy program since that centre offers that service for free, and there are many parents with special need children in our city that cannot afford any other therapy, but this one.

We hope that after receiving such amazing first volunteer others will follow that lead, and more children will be benefit by this project.

Good luck in Netherlands Ria and thanks for everything!

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Working at the Equine Therapy program in Bolivia!
Working at the Equine Therapy program in Bolivia!

Vata, Pitta, Kapha   (published in Sri Lanka)

November 21, 2013 by   Comments(1)


Short post today since there has not been so much to talk about.

This week I went to the Ayurveda Hospital in Waduwa. On my first day the director made me read about 50 pages and afterwards I joined a doctor talking to outdoor patients. And that´s almost it. It is similar to the general medicine in Nagoda Hospital with the only difference that they prescribe a lot of balms, powder, drinks etc. The doctor made me drink one of this “Aristra” telling me it would taste like wine. I tried hard not to show anything in my face but grimace. Like biting into a lemon. And actually I do not know what it was for. Additionally, I tried a very bitter powder and had the taste in my mouth for the whole day.

What made my shocked again was firstly one woman with very bad inflammations in her armpits and secondly a crying woman who had been beaten by her drunken husband. I know that things like that happen everywhere but women have a choice. In Sri Lanka society, family and friends would never accept a divorce, woman often did not learn anything and could not survive on their own and so there is no choice than to stay with the man that beats you when he is drunk. No escape.

My evenings I spend at the pool, and with my friends at the fab. I will really miss them and that is why I try to enjoy the time here as much as possible.

Two weeks left and the goodbye-marathon just starts…

Love, Jula

P.s. Photos are coming later, unfortunately without the smell!

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Vata, Pitta, Kapha
Vata, Pitta, Kapha

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