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Article contributed by Cathy Brouwer (Building/Teaching Volunteer), Netherlands   (published in Jamaica)

May 14, 2010 by   Comments(0)

If you like to do some serious work and make long days, if you don’t mind getting dirty and sweaty; this is your project!

Projects Abroad works together with a Christian organization called Adventist Development and Relief Agency Jamaica (ADRA Jamaica). One of the things ADRA Jamaica does is building and repairing homes for those who are poor and have great need for a better home. It’s great to be a part of this and being able to help in a special way. Working in the building construction can be very hard. Most of the times you work outside and it can get very hot. I’ve mixed concrete, carried stones and buckets full of sand and water, helped making floors and did some painting. And I’ve sweat! But sometimes there is not so much to do for me. Being a girl and not as strong as the guys here I sometimes have to wait for work I’m able to help with. Just handing over materials or holding on to some wood could be enough to assist sometimes. And it may rain (it can come down hard here in Jamaica!), so you need to wait for the weather to clear up, unless you’re working inside.

The thing about this project I like most is to see the work after a few days and compare it to how the person(s) lived before we came. I can’t help but feeling proud of our work. Talking about a big change in the quality of lives! I learn about construction and am amazed by how effective simple tools can be. Almost everything is done by hand, without the use of electricity. I also love that I spent time with people who live a tough life and hear their stories. It’s wonderful to experience how friendly and generous most people are! And I get to see a different part of Jamaica than tourists normally see. I imagine this is true for almost all volunteers, but with this project I went to ...

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Article contributed by Cathy Brouwer (Building/Teaching Volunteer), Netherlands
Article contributed by Cathy Brouwer (Building/Teaching Volunteer), Netherlands

My amazing time in Jamaica!! by Zerin Osman (Australian Care Volunteer)   (published in Jamaica)

May 14, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Why is it always so hard to decide where to start on telling you of my amazing time in Jamaica!! As I approach my halfway point I can without any doubt say that I could quite happily stay on here for a few years, no trouble at all (although I fear my family and friends might have a few things to say about that!) My 33rd birthday was easily the best birthday I have had on the planet to date! The kids and I were on countdown mode a month before and then it was upon us! I bought two 9 inch Birthday cakes to bring in for all the children and staff, made up hundreds of little gift packs to give all the kids and staff at Hanbury with Australian flag stickers, balloons, glitter, lolly pops and as many sweets as I could squeeze in! It was a stampede as soon as I got out of the car. But I wouldn't have had it any other way! I'm not sure who was more excited me or them! The day was spent doing little to absolutely no work what so ever! Everyone was so excited! We all drew on each others faces with bright Aussie Zinc (Thanks Mum!), face paint, blew up balloons, party hats, stuck stickers on our faces, played games and ate rainbow iced birthday cake! The kids sang me the Jamaican version of happy birthday in the morning and the morning's Devotion or Prayer time was dedicated to me. I have to say I was almost brought to tears but just about held it together! It was SO SPECIAL! In the evening 23 of the volunteers joined me for a trip to Treasure Beach for my birthday and upon arriving at the Restaurant later that evening I had the surprise of my life with a huge table covered with sweets, balloons, Happy Birthday Banners, hand drawn posters all decorating this gorgeous beach side restaurant. How touched was I.... I really did not expect that, especially as my family knows that I am ...

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My amazing time in Jamaica!! by Zerin Osman (Australian Care Volunteer)
My amazing time in Jamaica!! by Zerin Osman (Australian Care Volunteer)

Colombo - a haven of chaotic calm   (published in Sri Lanka)

May 13, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Stepping off the plane into Colombo is like falling into a bowl of soup. It’s hot, humid and sticky. However, being hit by a thick wall of air is preferable to being hit by an impulsive tuktuk driver! Watch around every corner and listen to every beep or you might just meet the pavement! Ouch…

Stalls adorn the footpaths selling fragrant rice and curry at lunchtime. Beginners beware – this is no English curry! Sri Lankan curry packs a punch! If your taste buds are over sensitive, have a few mouthfuls of dried coconut to dull the pain. If it’s your thirst that needs quenching, try the king of all coconuts – the King Coconut!

If you fancy some rest and relaxation, try some meditation at a nearby temple. Ladies, make sure your shoulders are well-covered. You can record your memories on camera but make sure nobody is captured with their back facing Buddha.

Or if swimming is more your thing and you feel like a real treat, saunter over to the Mount Lavinia hotel for an indulgent Sunday buffet lunch and some serious tanning. Definitely bring your 50+ because the sun is scorching! You might even spot a beautiful Buddhist bride or two strutting around in splendid red saris.

If you want a sari of your own or indeed any item of clothing, shopping in Colombo is a must do. House of Fashion, Spring and Summer and Romafour have trendy traditional and western style clothes at reasonable prices.

No matter what your tastes or interests are, Sri Lanka is a place of great beauty and the frenetic pace of Colombo will sweep up anyone in its path. If you embrace the local customs, try the local dishes and be adventurous, this city will be your oasis!

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Colombo - a haven of chaotic calm
Colombo - a haven of chaotic calm

Las Tortugas Aman a Mexico...y Mexico Ama a las Tortugas!   (published in Mexico)

May 12, 2010 by   Comments(0)

En las playas selvajes de Mexico llegan a diario las tortugas para dar continuidad a la vida de estos grandes reptiles que viven en el mar.

A pesar de los avances tecnológicos y científicos en el Mundo, hoy día, existe poco conocimiento acerca de las tortugas marinas . Estos animales milenarios llamados por algunas personas "fósiles vivientes", pertenecen a la clase de los reptiles, emparentados con iguanas, cocodrilos y serpientes entre otros. Las tortugas viven muy largamente hasta 150 anios en las profundidades del mar  saliendo a la superficie solo para respirar y reproducirse . Al contrario que en el terreno donde las consideramos torpes ,pueden nadar en el mar a 35 Km/h y la hembra vuelve a desovar en la misma playa de nacimiento disfrutando de  un sentido de la orientacion muy desarollado y  todavia desconocido .

Las tortugas, tanto marinas como terrestres se identifican por poseer un caparazón o concha, que a decir de los científicos, se creó para la defensa contra depredadores y Medio Ambiente. La concha se ha considerado como un factor muy importante en la sobrevivencia de las tortugas a través del tiempo , ya que se supone que estos animales aparecieron en el mundo 200-250 millones de anios atras .

En la actualidad la mayoria de los cientificos reconocen a 8 especies distintas de tortugas marinas en el mundo. México es sin duda el pais al que más especies llegan a sus litorales a desovar. México recibe a 7 de las 8 especies de tortugas marinas del Mundo, incluyéndo una especie (Tortuga Lora ) que sólo ovoposita en México.

Las tortugas marinas se encuentran en peligro de extinción debido a una desmedida e ilegal captura de ejemplares ...

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Las Tortugas Aman a Mexico...y Mexico Ama a las Tortugas!
Las Tortugas Aman a Mexico...y Mexico Ama a las Tortugas!

Jamaica’s Medical Volunteers on the move…Mobile Health Clinic!   (published in Jamaica)

April 29, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Rain! Wind! Fog! …were the only words which could be used to describe the day when the Mobile Clinic from the Manchester Health Department in collaboration with the Red Cross of Jamaica and Projects Abroad Jamaica, rolled in the community of Alligator Pond. The quiet fishing community, approximately 40 minutes drive from Mandeville, was the main target on Friday, November 13, 2009.

This community; like so many others have individuals who suffer from varied chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and heart disease, illnesses seen mainly among the elderly. However the issue of under-vaccination for infants and lack of proper maternal care are also of concern.

The health team, including medical volunteers, was well-equipped to provide health checks and information. These included blood pressure testing, diabetic checks, vaccines for children, HIV Rapid Test, HIV/STDs information and how to use condoms (male and females).

On entering the mobile clinic, a woman in her mid 40s said “Mi sick, so mi cum fi get some help - a two week now mi a cough”. In the meantime, a little girl sat quietly waiting for her vaccination. After registering the woman, the nurse referred the “patient” to the “doctor” for further examination. This “doctor” was Elisa Combe, final year medicine student, who was volunteering with Projects Abroad Jamaica for one month at the Mandeville Regional Hospital. She displayed professionalism and was eager to help when she was asked by the nurse to assist the woman who complained of chest pain and coughing. “Doctor” Elisa took a brief medical history from the patient, listened to her lungs and heart and eventually recommended further tests and happily called her next “patient”. This young boy aged about 9 ...

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Jamaica’s Medical Volunteers on the move…Mobile Health Clinic!
Jamaica’s Medical Volunteers on the move…Mobile Health Clinic!

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